Free Automated IT Maintenance Tool: dMaintenance

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dMaintenance is an automated IT maintenance tool. dMaintenance performs background maintenance tasks like deleting temporary Internet files, disabling browser toolbars, deleting cookie and internet history, resetting network settings and much more.

The program does not require any installation. You just need to unzip the contents and run the program from your preferred location.

Features of this IT Maintenance freeware

One of the main features is the delete temporary files utility. This feature allows users to delete all temporary files on all user profiles in just one go. This also deletes temporary internet files, internet history and browser cookies. This feature also allows for deletion of the windows uninstall folder. You also have the option of deleting all “.tmp” temporary files on the current partition and delete all empty files in the windows and system32 folders.

The miscellaneous function feature detects the systems time zone and adjusts it accordingly. It also syncs clock with internet time servers. However the time zone feature does not work on Windows Vista.

The network settings feature is able to clear proxy settings on all browsers and on all user profiles directories. It also resets network interfaces and common commands like ipconfig and netsh.

The maintenance completion feature enters all details of a successful operation in the windows events log file. It includes important parameters like the size of temp files deleted, status of maintenance operations and any errors reported during runtime. It can also email the same information entered in the log to a user when the maintenance process is complete. Extra details like RAM memory statistics, hard drive capacity and system restore settings. The feature can also initiate creation of a system restore point in case you need to revert back to a previous configuration. This feature allows you to configure a system reboot once maintenance is complete.

The custom applications feature takes maintenance to a whole new level. With it, you can select up to five applications to be executed as a maintenance procedure. If any of the applications is not found dMaintenance can automatically download it, install and execute it.

The Internet explorer feature allows you to clean up the browser. It can disable offline mode on the browser. It can disable all Internet Explorer toolbars and Browser Helper Objects (BHO) from the registry.

Third party apps which must be manually downloaded work in conjunction with dMaintenance to perform a number of functions. Reports in HTML format are generated by Nirsoft. De-fragmenting page files and registry can be carried out by Piriform Defragler and Piriform CCleaner respectively.

How to use it

First time use requires you to launch dMaintenance.exe for configuration. Once configured, it executes all configuration settings you may have selected. dMaintenance requires no install and uninstall process. You have to make do with an interface which is a bit untidy but well grouped. Surprisingly, the interface does not have a maximize and minimize buttons.


Program settings are accessed via the config menu on the right side of the user interface. Below the config menu is item details which give a brief description of any item that the mouse is focused on.



The idea behind dMaintenance is great especially when you consider how much you would have taken to perform these automated IT maintenance procedures manually. You also get to save space on your hard drive by deleting temp files which are not in use. The item details on the user interface was very helpful in trying to figure out what some of the configuration settings do. The portability of the software makes it very easy to use on a number of machines since you don’t have to install anything.


dMaintenance is a simple but superb IT Maintenance tool that makes computer maintenance very easy.

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