New Tab Page for Chrome with Weather, To Do List

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Momentum is another new tab page extension for Chrome that shows a beautiful new tab page with Weather, To Do list, inspirational quote, and a beautiful background.

We have already covered many new tab page extensions for Chrome and Fruumo still remains my favorite one. But Momentum is also pretty interesting and absolutely beautiful. Here is a quick screenshot of Momentum:

Momentum New Tab Page

In the screenshot above, I have highlighted various elements in Momentum New tab page. Let’s go through each of them:

Time and Personalized Message:

In the center of the page, Momentum displays your system time. It does not displays AM / PM by default; if you want to show that, just double click on the time. In addition to that, it shows a personalized message with your name below the time. That is something I really liked. To get your name, when you install Momentum, then it will ask your name and will show that name in all personalized messages. To change the name later, just double click on the name and give any other name that you want to be displayed.


This new tab page extension for Chrome also shows current temperature and weather. It displays that in top right corner. To change the units in which temperature is displayed, just double click on the temperature to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius. It also displays a small icon next to temperature that shows current weather.

Below Temperature, it shows your location. It gets your location from Chrome and then shows temperature and weather for that location. If you want to change your location, just double click on the location and specify a new one.

Motivational Quotes:

This is another interesting feature of this new tab page extension. At bottom of the page, it will show some inspiration quote to inspire you. This is perfect for those who like to read such inspirational stuff to keep them motivated (also check out You Are Awesome).

Momentum Inspirational Quote

To Do List:

Frankly, most of the features mentioned above are available in most of the new tab page extensions, but To Do List feature of Momentum is something I really like. It shows you a To Do list at the bottom. You can add as many items to your list as you want, mark the items as completed, and quickly see how many items are still left to be done.

Momemtun To Do

This To Do list is as simple as it gets and is of course very useful. I really wish it could show my tasks from Evernote so that I do not have to setup To Do lists separately in Evernote and Momentum. But if you are not using any other To Do list software, then this simple feature would be pretty useful for you.

Beautiful Background:

What  I just love in Momentum are the beautiful backgrounds that it shows. I am not sure of the source of these backgrounds, but it changes backgrounds automatically and each background is just as beautiful. I have not been able to figure out a way to change the background whenever I want to, or to specify my own source of background.

Works Offline:

This is another feature that I like in Momentum new tab extension for Chrome. It works completely offline. So, even if you are not connected to the internet, you will still see same beautiful background, to do list, inspirational quote, time, etc. Of course, it will not be able to get the latest weather / temperature.


I really like Momentum. Is it beautiful and has some nice features. I like its personalization feature and to do list. However, I really wish it had some other additional feature, like, Google Search, favorite websites etc. So, I will stick to using Fruumo for the time being.

Go ahead and try out Momentum and let us know your feedback in comments below.

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