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LiveBrush is a free graphics drawing software which you can use create artistic drawings. This is made possible by motion control and hand gesture integration into brush strokes, which is gonna help you create something a bit more artistic, even if you are not a very skilled graphics designer.

LiveBrush default window

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Screenshot above show us the most important part of the interface of LiveBrush. White area on the left, small patch of it that can be seen, is canvas, where you’re gonna be creating drawings. The most important part of this free graphics editor would be the right sidebar where you can adjust the brush, access tool settings and manage layers. Top left corner holds the standard menu for creating files, managing edits and pretty much everything else that you can find in the sidebar, only hidden inside menus. Key features of LiveBrush – free graphics drawing software are:

  • Supported formats import JPEG, GIF, PNG, SWF, export – PNG
  • Layers – each brush stroke will be created as a new layer
  • Styles – different brush stroke styles – loose, straight, floral, etc.
  • Change brush behavior – velocity, friction, decoration settings
  • Gesture and motion control – offers somewhat automated drawing
  • Cross platform – works on both Windows PCs and Mac OS

Free version of LiveBrush is limited. By upgrading to the paid version you get to export graphics that you create as SVG vector graphics and you also get a larger database of brush styles and decorations. If you’re wondering how gestures and motion control work, they basically detect how fast you are moving the brush and also depending on the brush type, they create sensible graphics, Here’s a few pointers to help you get started.

How to create and edit graphics with LiveBrush – free graphics drawing software

As soon as you start LiveBrush, you’re gonna be presented with an empty canvas. First use the Styles section from the right and there select brush style and decorations. Various different artistic types are available like, sketchy, ink blots, floral and so on.

LiveBrush wrote text ink blot

On this image you can see a very professional looking graphics created by yours truly. Notice that each one of the brush strokes has been created as a new layer, which is very useful for editing later on.

LiveBrush floral brush

By tweaking various different settings from the sidebar you can achieve various different brush effects. With floral effects you can see flowers “growing” as you are moving through the canvas. This is very useful when it comes to drawing borders. Once again play around with settings to change everything after your own heart. In case of a mistake, simply delete the layer where mistake was made. When you’re ready, click File >> Export to save your work.


LiveBrush is a great way for all those who are interested in creating quick and good looking graphics with a large selection of brushes. These brushes aren’t just ordinary brushes, they are intelligent brushes, which are gonna help you out on your graphics drawing adventures. Give it a try and see how it goes. Free download.

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Works With: Windows, Mac
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