How To Add Administrative Tools To Windows 10 Taskbar

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This tutorial explains how to add Administrative Tools to Windows 10 Taskbar. I have added two tricks here using which you can pin Administrative Tools to the Taskbar of Windows 10 PC. The first trick takes the help of Control Panel to create shortcut of Administrative tools and then use that shortcut to pin it to Windows 10 Taskbar. In the second trick, you need to manually create shortcut of Administrative Tools and use it for pinning to the taskbar.

Administrative Tools is a very important feature of Windows 10 using which you can access Windows 10 Event Viewer, disable updates, open Task Scheduler, and more. So if you need to access it frequently, then you can pin it to taskbar to Quickly open it. You can go through both the tricks and select the one which is more comfortable for you. Have a look at the screenshot below, you can see the icon of Administrative Tools on my Windows 10 taskbar.

administrative tools added to taskbar

Method 1: How To Add Administrative Tools To Windows 10 Taskbar Using Control Panel?

Step 1: This is a basic step. You need to open Control Panel. For that, right-click on Start button to open Win+X menu and then click the Control Panel option.

Step 2: In Control Panel, click System and Security menu. Now in that menu, you will see Administrative Tools option. Right-click on that option and then tap “Create shortcut” option.

access create shortcut option of administrative tools

It will show a message in a pop-up window that “Windows can’t create a shortcut here”. Instead of that, it will prompt you to create shortcut to desktop. Press Yes button. This will create Administrative Tools shortcut on the desktop.

Step 3: Now do a right-click on Administrative Tools shortcut and click Pin to Start option.

click pin to start option

Step 4: Now open Start menu and you will see that Administrative Tools shortcut is added on Start menu as tile. Right-click that tile→ go to More→ Pin to taskbar.

click pin to taskbar option

That’s it! Administrative Tools is added to Windows 10 Taskbar. You can now delete Administrative Tools shortcut from desktop as well as Start menu.

Method 2: How To Add Administrative Tools To Windows 10 Taskbar By Manually Creating A Shortcut?

In this method, you need to manually create a shortcut of Administrative Tools, pin that shortcut to Start menu, and then you can pin Administrative Tools to Windows 10 taskbar.

Step 1: Go to your Windows 10 desktop, right-click there, explore New menu, and then tap on Shortcut option. With this, wizard of shortcut creation will open.

create shortcut

Step 2: You will see a “Type the location…..” box. In that box, paste “%ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools” and go to next step.

paste administrative tools location

Step 3: Give a name to this shortcut. You can give it any name.

name the shortcut

Finish the wizard.

Step 4: You will see a shortcut of Administrative Tools folder. Right-click that shortcut and Pin to start.

use pin to start option

Step 5: In Start menu, you will see the shortcut of Administrative tools folder. Now you can pin it to taskbar. For this, right-click the shortcut, go to More, and tap Pin to taskbar option. It will pin Administrative tools to taskbar of Windows 10.

use pin to taskbar option

Now unpin the shortcut you added in Start menu and delete the shortcut you created on the desktop.

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The Verdict:

If you access Administrative Tools regularly, then this trick is for you. No need to keep a desktop shortcut or manually access Administrative Tools using Search or Run Command. Instead, you can use this trick and add Administrative Tools to Windows 10 taskbar.

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