7 Websites To Download Free Indie Music as MP3

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Here is a list of 7 websites to download free indie music songs as MP3. These websites have a huge collection of Indie Music that you can download for free. From these websites, you can download unlimited number of free indie music MP3 songs for free.

Rajat recently covered websites to download free music legally. Some of the websites in this list are same as the ones in his review. But I wanted to focus specifically on Indie Music because I am a huge fan of that. So, I decided to compile this separate list that lets you download as much indie music free as you want.

Download Indie Music from Jamendo:


I came across Jamendo when I reviewed its Windows 8 app. Since then, Jamendo has become one of my favorite music streaming and free music download website. It provides indie music from thousands of artists, and the best part is that all that music can be downloaded for free! You can stream all Indie Music on Jamendo online, or choose to download it. What I like most in this website is that Jamendo lets you download complete music albums for free in one go. So, unlike other websites where you have to download one song at a time, you can download complete album from Jamendo. And all the music provided by Jamendo is DRM free.

If you are trying to discover some really great Indie music and want to download it free, then do give a try to Jamendo; you might just start loving it as much as I do.

Last.fm’s Collection of Indie Music to Download:

Last.Fm Indie Music

If you have not been living under a rock, then you would have heard of Last.fm. Last.fm has one of the largest online collection of music that you can stream online for free. Last.fm also provides lot of music that you can download for free. It has a separate category of Indie Music that you can download in form of MP3 (the link above directly takes you there). You can download any available Indie song free there in form of MP3. The music is DRM free, and you don’t even need an account to download free Indie music. Even though Last.fm lets you directly download music from its web interface, you can also use Nightingale to download music from Last.fm and directly play on your PC.

Download Indie Songs on Soundcloud:

Soundcloud Indie

I am sure that when you saw Last.fm above, you would have expected to find SoundCloud also in this list. And you were right. SoundCloud is another online music streaming service with endless collection of music that you can stream for free. It has a big collection of Indie Music as well. SoundCloud lets you download lot of Indie music for free, though, some of the download links take you to Facebook pages of artists, which you have to Like to get download link. That’s probably a small price to pay to download awesome free indie music. Of course, as was the case with Last.fm, there are many SoundCloud downloaders as well (see this, this, and this), that let you download Indie music from SoundCloud in bulk (also see this iphone app to download SoundCloud music).

Free Music Archive: Only Free Music


Free Music Archive is another fantastic website to download completely free Indie music. This site has a huge collection of Indie music that you can download for free. Unlike all the websites mentioned above, whose main focus is on streaming music online and download is secondary feature; Free Music Archive actually focuses more on download. For every track, you will see download arrow next to it. Just click on it to download Indie music free. This one also does not require any sign-up. It has music from lot of different genre, like: Blues, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Rock, Country, etc.

Epitonic: Download Indie Music in Bulk


I found this website in Rajat’s article (that I linked to in the beginning). As he mentioned, this is probably one of the oldest website in this list to download free Indie music. It was originally launched in 1999, went bust in 2004, and relaunched in 2011. It features thousands of curated MP3 songs, that you can download free. What I really like in this website is that it lets you download multiple songs in one go, and downloads all of them together as a zip file. No sign-up required.

MadeLoud: Free Indie Music from Underground Bands


MadeLoud has a huge collection of Free Indie music to download. It consists of lot of music from underground bands and solo artists. Unlike other websites in this list, you need to create a free account before you can download free indie music MP3. You can search by artist, genre, or songs to find the songs that you like. With each song, you will see a download icon. When you click on it, it will bring up a window that will show you different payment options to buy rights of that song for commercial use. At the end of that window, you will see option to download the song free for personal use.

MadeLoud Download

Click on that option to start downloading the song. Unfortunately, you have to repeat that process for each song that you want to download.

Free Indie Music on Amazon.com

amazon cloud drive tracks saved

Amazon.com also provides lot of free music, that you can download on your PC. The link above directly takes you to free music page of Amazon. You can see music from all genre there. The reason I have listed Amazon at the end in this list is because you need to have an account with Amazon, and should have a credit card associated with it, to download free music. Amazon lets you download free music singles as well as complete albums of free music. All the free music that you choose to “purchase” for free is stored in your Amazon Cloud Drive, from where you can either directly stream it, or download to your PC as MP3. I really hope Amazon removed this restriction of having an account with a credit card to be able to download free music. But I guess, that’s what it’s business model is.


If you like Indie Music, then you might have heard about some of these websites already. I hope I introduced you to some new websites as well, that let you download indie music free. Use these websites and beef up your collection of Indie music, totally free.

Which website do you use to download Indie music? Let me know in comments below.

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