View Cyber Attacks Happening All Over The World In Real Time

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CyberMap is a great real time map by Kaspersky Lab to see all the cyber attacks being detected by Kaspersky’s products installed worldwide on millions of devices. It shows what all cyber attacks are happening all over the world at this moment. It shows types of attacks, countries where the attacks are happening, as well as countries where attacks are originating from. You can pan and zoom any part on the map to see precisely what’s happening on that particular country.

This webpage also comes with statistical details of the different types of cyber attacks that took place in the world in the last week. This map has a ranking system for the Most Attacked countries in the world.cyberthreat

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Watching Cyber Attacks Happen In Real Time:

Cybermap is a free real time geographical map by Kaspersky Lab to watch all the real time cyber threats including malware attack and any hacking attacks being detected in real time by the Kaspersky security software installed on millions of PC all around the world.

Since, it is not a software but a web page so there is no need of any installation or download, you simply need to go to the link provided at the bottom of this article to view this real time Cybermap.

Once you visit this webpage, you will be able to see these cyber threats happening in real time. This map has a ranking of countries according to their vulnerability to cyber threats. This webpage also shows statistics of the different types of cyber threats for different countries and even according to different continents.

cybermap stats

The statistics mainly comprise of the data of cyber threats for last one week. These statistics mainly depend upon 8 different data sources:

cybermap data source

  • OAS: On Access Scan mainly shows the detection of malware whenever a file is accessed through copy, run, save, or open actions.
  • ODS: On Demand Scan Shows any malware detection, when any user manually selects to scan for malware in the Kaspersky security system.
  • WAV: Web Anti-virus shows any malware detection via Web anti-Virus Scan, when any new web page is accessed or anything new is downloded.
  • MAV: Mail Anti-Virus Shows Any malware detection whenever new mails are scanned in your email applicatons.
  • IDS: Intrusion Detection System Shows any network attacks whenever your network is intruded by someone else.
  • VUL: Vulnerability Scan show any vulnerability detected in your system by Kaspersky security systems .
  • KAS: Kaspersky anti-spam shows any unwanted and suspicious mail detection in your email applications.
  • BAD: Botnet Activity Detection shows stats of identified IP addresses of victims of botnet attack via Distributed Denial Of Service(DDoS). It also shows the statistics of botnet command and control servers detected during analysis of botnet by Kaspersky Lab.

Additional Features of This Cybermap:

  1. With the Widget option of this Cybermap, you can actually add Cybermap to any of your website. You can configure parameters like Width, Height, Language, Color Theme, and Type, and then add the resulting HTML code to your website.
  2. You can switch between Plain view and Global view of map. Plain view is just a 2D version of Cybermap whereas Glcvvobal view is a 3D Cybermap.
  3. It lets you toggle map color. You can mainly change color theme of map from Dark to Light.
  4. You can always enable or disable Demo mode. Demo mode demonstrates how the Cybermap works.


Cybermap by Kaspersky lets you see all the real time cyber threats going on around the world. Although you won’t be able to do any thing about it or control it, but you can exactly see what’s happening all around you, that too on your own PC. You can even add this realtime Cybermap to your own websites.

Visit here to watch it.

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