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Tex2Img is a free equation to image converter that lets you create images for complex equations that you can embed in documents. Basically, when you want to embed latex equations in documents and emails, it sometimes becomes quite tricky to create that equation. Tex2Img is an online equation to image converter that lets you create complicated Latex equations online, and then download those equations as images. Then you can embed those images in documents and emails.

Tex2Img is extremely simple to use. You do not need to download or install anything, and do not even need to register. Just head over to Tex2Img, and start creating your equation with easy to use interface.

Tex2Img comes with a tabbed interface that provides various symbols that you can use in your equations. Here are the various tabs available in Tex2Img:

  • Math: This tab provides all commonly used Math symbols
  • Greek: This tab provides Greek symbols like alpha, beta, gamma etc. to include in your equations. Over 40 Greek symbols are available.
  • Relations: This tab provides various relationship operators.
  • Apart from this tabs for “Logic” and “Symbols are also available.

Tex2Img comes from the makers of i2OCR. Also check out photo2text.

How to Convert Equation to Image:


To create an image, just click on the symbol that you want to add in your equation, and keep building your equation in this manner. Once you are done, just click on “Convert” button, and it will convert equation to image. The converted image is displayed on screen so that you can verify that you provided equation correctly, before you download the image. Once everything looks good, just click on “Download” button to download image.

Tex2Img provides following formatting option for image:

  • You can choose text color
  • Choose background color of image
  • Choose font size of equation.
  • Choose output image format. Some of the supported formats include: PNG, GIF, JPG, TIFF, BMP, and more.

Tex2Img is really easy to use, and is very useful if you want to embed equation in email or document.

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