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AgreeDo is free online collaboration website or meeting platform. Almost everyone in the business world needs to attend meetings from time to time. These meetings can be quite expensive to hold, when prospective attendees are in different parts of the country or, even worse, in different countries. Online collaboration software makes holding meetings much easier. AgreeDo wants to be that online collaboration software for you, but falls very far short of that goal.

Web-Based Means No Installation

Everything about AgreeDo is web-based. That means there’s nothing to install. Register at the site, confirm your email address, and you’re ready to go. No installation means there’s a limited claim to your system’s resources.

No File Sharing/ Online Collaboration Facility

I got one of the other writers for the site to join a meeting with me to try out AgreeDo. We were both pretty disappointed. There’s no facility to share and collaborate on documents with the platform. Even the worst meeting/collaboration platforms I’ve looked at allowed me to share files with other meeting participants. Most meeting/collaboration platforms also have the ability to share audio and video feeds, so that meeting attendees can actually talk to each other. AgreeDo doesn’t have this capability either.

To us, this was nothing more than a weak web-based chat platform, minus half of the features you find in other chat applications such as Skype and Yahoo Messenger. If you need a chat platform to get a number of people in separate locations together, you can find a much better option than this one. About the only thing I saw in this platform that laid claim to meeting or collaboration was that you can set a meeting agenda, assign tasks, and measure completion percentages.

One of the cool things about the AgreeDo platform that I did like was the timer. When you create the meeting and invite people to it, you can specify both a start and a stop time. But, every time I refreshed the page to see who had come or gone, the timer shut down and reset.

If you’re looking for a full featured collaboration software or platform, pass this one by. There are others listed on this site that will suit your needs much better.

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