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Deezer is a free Internet radio station to listen and share your favorite music. Facebook’s popularity has spawned a plethora of sites that allow you to tell all of your friends exactly what you’re doing almost every second of every day. One of the newest Facebook fads is telling your friends list what you’re listening to, using one of the seemingly endless number of Internet radio/playlist sites. Deezer is one of these Internet radio stations.

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Web-Based radio station, No Download

Deezer is fully web-based. Just cruise on over to the website, sign in (or not. I didn’t), using your Facebook profile (that’s why I didn’t) and you’re off and listening. I like the no download and no installation idea. The less I have to install on my computer, the better.

Free and Paid Options

From what I could find, there are two options when you listen and play with Deezer. The free option seems like it allows you to listen to playlists that other people have put together. This got a little confusing for me, as well as upsetting. I’m a classic rocker. Ozzy. Aerosmith. Journey. Judas Priest. Well, you get the idea. But things like disco turns my stomach. So, you can imagine my distress when right in the middle of what had been, up that point, a wonderful listening experience, Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’ started playing. On a Rock playlist? Are you kidding? Please. Moving on…..

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There’s some sort of option to listen to thirty second bursts of songs from the homepage. This is apparently called Discovery Mode. There’s a little shopping cart icon, so I’m guessing that if you pay for some sort of subscription, you maybe get some extra features.

Oh one more little thing before you go out and start trying to use it. It’s not available in the United States yet. How do I know? It told me. But wait, how did I get to check it out you ask? Hey, I’m a software guy, that’s MY little secret.

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