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If you want a simple platform which you can use to write & share documents with your friends, then this website to make notes online is ideal for you.

Drft is an absolutely free website where you can create an account to make notes online and share & save them. The website provides you with an absolutely blank canvas where you can pen down everything. The notes that you make are saved automatically every few seconds and you can also save them manually. There are other features also, like, you can change the theme of the menu bar, switch modes, and more.


Drft-make notes online-interface
We earlier covered a similar platform to make notes online. Websites like these prove to be helpful because they save you  to a lot of time and trouble. You do not have to worry about uploading your documents from the system and then mailing them one by one to all your friends. You can simply share the link of your documents with them, and they will be able to access your document.

Make Notes Online And Share Through A Link:

To use Drft, you have to create a free account with the website first. You can request an invitation and you will get a link when your invitation is approved. This process can take a little time. In my case, it took around 24 hours. After you create your account, you can read certain instructions etc. To start writing, you can simply erase those instructions and start typing on your blank canvas. It is as simple as that. Once you finish writing, you can share that document with your friends. The website provides you a link that you can share with your friends to show them your draft.

Drft-make notes online-share link

While you are busy making notes online, there are a few features that you can use alongside. They are:

Formatting Options:

This online notes making website comes with some basic formatting options. You can use bold, italics, H1, H2 formatting styles. In addition, you can make any text hyperlink.

Spell Check and Word Count:

This website also provides built-in spell check and word count features, and these keep working alongside as you type any text.

Switch Modes:

You are allowed to switch modes of your canvas. The website provides you with two different modes: Day Mode & Night Mode. The canvas in day mode is completely White whereas, in the night mode, it is Greyish in color. You can switch between these modes whenever you want to. Even while you are in the middle of writing something, you can switch the mode and then continue writing.

Drft-make notes online-Night mode

Auto Save Draft:

You do not have to save your drafts manually as this website to makes notes online saves them for you. The notes that you write are saved automatically every few seconds and you do not have to worry if, in case, you lose the connection. However, you can also save the draft manually.

Version Control:

The drafts saved in your account contain all their edited versions. Every time you make a change in a particular draft, it is saved separately and you can see all the versions of a particular draft.

Drft-make notes online-versions

Change Menu Bar Theme:

You can also change the theme of your menu bar. The website provides you with beautiful colors and you can select any color out of it. All these colors are provided in the settings tab. You just have to select the color of your choice and click on the save button. But, these themes work only in one mode, that is, Day mode. If youopt for the Night mode, these themes will be of no effect.

Drft-make notes online-change theme

Final Verdict

Drft is a mixed bag of some good and unimpressive features. The display, hindrance free canvas, auto saving are some of its positive features. On the other hand, its inability to apply themes in the night mode and some missing links also disappoint you. Some features like typing sounds, different fonts can be added to make it more appealing. OmmWriter is one such software that gives you a good overall writing experience. Nevertheless, you can surely give Drft a try.

Try Drft here.

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