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TiddlyWiki is a free personal web notebook where people can gather their information and ideas in an organized way like wiki. With the help of this freeware, you will be able to collect and maintain information and notes about anything you want. TiddlyWiki is not only about gathering notes, it also helps you to share and link your notes online. Moreover, there are plugins available for this freeware which helps you to extend TiddlyWiki’s functions easily. Let’s see what this freeware has to offer.


This free online notebook helps you to gather all your data in one place, organize them and share them with others easily. You can create your Wiki page in the way you want with by customizing color, theme, site icon, site title and subtitle, main menu and other things in the way you want. It’s like creating your own mini site where you can post any data you want and share them with other. When you post a note or topic, it’s called “Tiddler”. You will find simple Wiki syntax for formatting your texts. You can divide your Tiddlers in different categories and navigate them easily using the menu.

This free online notebook service is really easy to use. One of the most attractive sides of this freeware is, all your notes will be contained only in a single HTML file. You can create and save backups of your page if you want, generate an RSS feed with your notes, add more tab and add special tags if you want. If you are not interested to share all the notes with others, you can also make private notes. There are plugins available for this freeware and you can use it both offline and online. You can create your page online and download TiddlyWiki for free from their website and work offline if you want. There are apps of TiddlyWiki available for iPhone and Android too.

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Features of TiddlyWiki:

  • Create a Wiki like page of your own and post notes
  • Organize all your notes in one place and share them with others
  • Customize your page in the way you want, choose color scheme, site icon, site title, site subtitle, main menu and other things you want

TiddlyWiki is available for download at TiddlyWiki’s official website. This freeware can be used on Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera browsers. Try TiddlyWiki Free.

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Works With: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera
Free/Paid: Free

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