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Keywords Everywhere, which is a popular browser extension to see search volume and CPC for keywords, has added a new feature, backlinks checker. You can now use it to check top 5000 backlinks for any website or webpage directly from the Google search results page. Not only that, but you can also export those backlinks as an Excel file and then use it anywhere you like. For now, it can show you backlinks for the following:

  • Any webpage in the search result.
  • The entire domain of the ranking result.
  • Subdomain of the website in the ranking result.

It is not currently mentioned where they are getting this data from but it is accurate. For every backlink, it shows the linked URL, backlinks, and domain authority of the website where the backlink was found. It uses Moz data to show domain authority, which is great. You can explore backlinks for any entry on Google search results page and export the backlinks data.

keywords everywhere backlinks on SERP

How to Check Backlinks using Keywords Everywhere?

As I said already, you don’t need a subscription of Keywords Everywhere to use it, even as a free user you can now extract backlinks and export them. So, just add it to Chrome from here and then start using it.

Search for something on Google. After that, you will see that it adds some extra details beneath every entry of the search results page. This is like a MozBar and among other options, now there is an option to see the backlinks.

keywords everywhere showing data

Click on the backlinks option and then it will show you the top backlinks there. For now, it can show you backlinks for the page on search results. Or, you can see the backlinks for the entire domain. It will load all the backlinks in a popup and you can navigate between different pages to see discover more backlinks.

keywords everywhere backlinks

In the popup where it shows you the backlinks, you can change the number of URLs to show. And there is an export option as well that you can use to export the backlinks in CSV format.

keywords everywhere backlinks per page

This way, you can now see backlinks for a specific page of a website directly from the search results page. No matter if you are using free or paid version of Keywords Everywhere, extracting backlinks for the website is just 1 click away. Besides, this shows some other extra data as well, such as spam rate. So, using these details, you can fix your website and boost the SEO.

Final thoughts:

We have covered many free backlinks checker before, but this one here by Keywords Everywhere is the quickest and most straightforward tool I have ever used. If you are in an SEO-like line of work then you will really like this new feature. I have used this extension a lot when it used to be free, and I am glad that it can still be used as many things in it are still free except keyword metrics. You can see the keyword difficulty, keyword trend, related keywords, and much more. And now it supports backlinks too, which makes the free version of this extension more usable.

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