3 Free Backlink Checker Software for Windows

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This is the list of free backlink checker software for Windows. I am sure if you are an SEO professional, then you may have used some online tools to check backlinks for a particular website. But, do you know that it can also be done with the help of these free software that I have listed here? These software take an input URL from your end and then they list all the backlinks of that website. However, there are some limitations in some of these software, but for a small-scale backlink analysis, they will be a suitable fit for your needs. You can analyze the backlinks to your site and also export the result as A TXT, CSV, Excel file.

Backlinks play an important role in ranking of a website. And that’s why it is important to keep track of the backlinks that you have created for your website so far. And these software can help you with that. You can list all the backlinks with their attributes like dofollow/nofollow, PR of the website, anchor text, index date, etc. Analyze your backlinks with these kind of details and export results to file.

Free Backlink Checker Software for Windows

Best Free Backlink Checker Software for Windows

Link Spinx

link spinx free backlink watch software for windows

Link Spinx is one of the best free backlink checker software for Windows. This software is kind of very powerful one as it lets you use various services (free and paid) to fetch backlinks for the desired website. The software doesn’t give you limits. This software can list all the backlinks that it will find. It supports more than 10 different SEO services like Backlinkwatch, Semrush, Majestic SEO, Ahrefs, Rank signals, ibacklink pro, and some others. For free, you can use backlinkwatch service to fetch backlinks to your website. In the list of backlink you can see the linked URL and the backlink type (dofollow or nofollow). And after analyzing the backlinks data you can export the list of backlinks to a CSV, TXT or an Excel file.

Link Spinx software works smoothly and downloads the list of backlink in an easy way. You can analyze the backlink data and you can export the list. However, to download the software you will have to like the Facebook page or any other page of Link Spinx.

After downloading the software, you will have create a project in it by providing the URL of the target page whose backlinks you want to find. After that you will have to choose the backlink service that you want to use to fetch the backlink data. If you want to use a free service like backlinkwatch, then you are ready to go. If you want to go with any paid service like Semrush then you will have to enter the API key of Semrush which you will get when you register for it. After selecting the backlink service, start the analysis. The software will start fetching the backlinks and when it has done fetching, you can export the backlinks to a CSV, Excel file.

SEO Power Suite

seo powersuite free backlink checker software

SEO Power Suite is another very good backlink checker software out there. The software is very powerful SEO software and offers some amazing features that will help you with SEO analysis. The software comes with different built-in modules that you can use to do SEO analysis. One of the tool of SEO Power Suite is Rank Checker that I used in my recent post. And now I will use its SEO Spy Glass tool to check backlinks to a certain website.

The tool can list the website backlinks on its interface along with certain parameters. You just have to input source URL and then it will start listing backlinks on its interface. You can see the website’s URL containing the backlink, linked page, anchor text, and title. However, if you are going to use this software for free, then it will only list 1100 backlinks. For more, you will have to upgrade to its paid version.

Using SEO Power Suite software to do backlinks analysis is very easy. Just open the software and it will automatically ask you to input a target URL to enter. After that it will start listing the backlinks for you. You can analyze the backlinks and make better strategies for your website rankings.

Traffic Travis

traffic travis free backlink checker software for windows

Traffic Travis is a free software that you can also use to do backlink analysis. However, the software can show you a very small number of backlinks. This software lists backlinks with their key attributes. You can analyze the backlink data with attributes like, page rank, Alexa traffic rank, and anchor text. After analyzing the backlink report, you can export it as PDF, CSV, and HTML file. The software works smoothly and you will handle it easily. And apart from backlink analysis the software can do other SEO tasks as well.

Using Traffic Travis it is very easy to do backlink analysis. Just create a project in it and then enter the website URL for which you want to do backlink analysis. After that, it will start searching for the backlinks and will show it to you. In the Link Analysis section of the software you can see all the backlinks that you can analyze. See the list of backlinks with their attributes and finally export them. Use the Report drop down from the bottom side of the software to find the export methods. Currently, the software supports HTML, CSV, and PDF file formats to export backlink report.

Closing Words

These are some of the very nice backlink checker Software for Windows. If you often need to check backlinks for a website, then you can use the software. There are some online tools available to do the same but doing them on Windows PC is interesting too as you can save your work. So, if you are looking for PC software to do backlink analysis, then the above mentioned tools will help you.

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