5 Free Keyword Ranking Tracker Software for Windows

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This is a list of 5 free keyword ranking tracker software for Windows. These software will help you keep track of ranking of a set of keywords for your website. You can specify the URL of your website, assign a list of keywords to monitor, and specify various search engines to check SERP rankings. Most of these software let you choose Google, Bing, and Yahoo as search engines while some of them only show ranking for Google. You can use these software at a specific time to see the ranking of keywords for your site and analyze the result. In addition to that these software let you export the rankings result to a CSV file.

Checking rankings for a specific set of keywords is an important SEO activity if you are working on a SEO project. Though, there are some website and commercial tools to do that, but if you want to do it for free, then this article will show you how. These software are easy to use and easy to set up. You can monitor a lot of keywords and also a lot of websites for rankings. Analyze the ranking data, see the ranking graph, and export result as simple as that.

5 Free Keyword Ranking Tracker Software for Windows

5 Free Keyword Ranking Tracker Software for Windows:



SERPOSCOPE is one of the best free keyword ranking tracker software for Windows. Not only windows, but this software can be run on any machine as it is Java dependent. This software is a very powerful one and you can use it to monitor unlimited websites for unlimited keywords. It is a very good tool to keep track of keyword rankings for your competitors as well. You can see current as a well change in your keyword rankings right from the dashboard of the software. And in the mean time you also get to see the ranking chart.

SERPOSCOPE is a very nice software that you can use to track keyword rankings. However, this software needs a bit of prior configuration to make it work. You will have to create a local admin account in the software and then add website and keywords. Next after setting this all, you can start checking the keyword ranks. The software shows the ranking details on the dashboard of the software itself. You can analyze all the ranking details and make better decisions to increase the rankings for your website.

Rank Tracker

Keyword rank tracker

Rank Tracker is another very good keyword ranking tracker software for Windows. The software comes with a polished user interface and shows the ranking stats for your website in an efficient manner. In addition to the keyword ranking analysis, you can also connect your Google Adsense and Analytics accounts in it. This will make it easy for you to track your website stats, ranking, and revenue at one place. However, in the free license, you cannot save a project to the disk. You will have to manually enter the website and keywords data again and again each time you run this software.

It supports Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines by default, but you can add a custom search engine like ASK, AOL, Yandex, etc., to see rankings as well. As I mentioned that you cannot save a project in the free version, but you can export the ranking results to a CSV file. In the ranking results, you cannot only see the ranking data, but it shows other stats as well. You can see the ranking page’s URL, its visibility percentage, keyword difficulty for the keywords, and the ranking graph.

Using this software to track website ranking is very easy. Just download it and install it. As you run the software, it will guide you through the process how to configure it. Specify the URL of your website, finalize search engine selection, and specify the keywords to track rankings. And after getting the ranking result, you can export the report to a CSV file.



Rankware is a freeware keyword ranking tracker tool for Windows which is a simple one. This is a dedicated software to track keyword rankings for unlimited keywords but for a single website only. This lightweight software will ask you enter a website URL and a set of keywords to track rankings. It shows the ranking graph on the main page of the software and allows you to export it as PDF and CSV file. The dashboard of the software shows the overview of the keyword ranking, but you can explore the each keyword’s ranking stats in detail.

Rankware software is a dedicated software to track keyword rankings, so you can easily configure it. Just add your website in it and specify list of keywords for which you want to monitor the website for rankings. Next, after all set up, it will start getting the ranking details. It takes a few minutes to get stats and after it has fetched the ranking details, you can see them on the dashboard of the software. It shows the graphical ranking stats as well in the form of a pie chart. And from the dashboard, you can export the ranking details to a CSV, PDF file.

Rank Tracker by Bottopia

rank tracker by bottopia

Rank Tracker by Bottopia is an extremely simple software to track keyword ranks in search engine. The software comes with a pretty simple interface and you can use this software to track multiple keywords for multiple websites. You can make different profiles for different websites in the software and get the tracking stats. It can show you ranking stats for Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines for the specified website and set of corresponding keywords. In addition to see current rankings for the keywords, you can also see the previous and top rankings as well.

The software is pretty easy to handle as it is very simple to configure. You simply start by adding your website in it by URL and define list of keywords you want to monitor. Actually in this software there is a concept of “Profile”. You can create as many profiles as you want. For each profile, you can define a different website and a set of keywords. Similarly, you can create, many profiles of many websites and monitor keyword rankings. However, you will be able to use one profile at a time.

This software supports proxy features that you can use if there is a need for it. And after it has shown the ranking stats to you, you can export the report to a CSV or Text file. There is an Export button on its interface, you can use that to export data.


RankTank Keyword Position Tracker Google Sheet

RankTank is actually a very different tool keyword tracking. It works in Google Sheets and I am not breaking the rules by mentioning this tool in this list. I have included this tool in this list, as it is a very good keyword ranking tracker. And just like all others I have mention above, it can get you keyword rankings from Google with certain other parameters. It shows the rank of your website on the SERP, URL of the website whose rank above you, URL of the website whose rank below you and the URL of the page whose rank is one. Apart from that it also shows the meta description and indexed date and time of your website page.

There is nothing you have to configure in this Google spreadsheet. Just copy it to your Google Drive using this link and then fill out input data. For input data, you have to specify the URL of your website and the list of keywords to track the ranking data. Since, this sheet is pretty simpler, so you will not be able to see the graphical representation if the ranking report.

You can use this spreadsheet anytime you want. And one thing that I liked about this is that it processes the data at very fast speed. Also, the ranking results that it shows are real-time results.

Closing Words:

These are some of the best keyword ranking tracker software for Windows I could find so far. All of these software will help you keep track of your desired keywords for a particular website. Also, some of them allow you to track unlimited keywords for unlimited websites. All the highlights of these software I have mentioned in the context of each one of them. Depending on what suits you needs, you can go with any one you like.

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