iPhone Camera App to Add Various Photo Effects: Wonder Camera

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Wonder Camera is a free iPhone camera app to add various effects to your pictures. You can beautify your photos, edit them by adding various effects, etc. The best part is the app also lets you makeover your photos. You can easily become thin using this app. Meaning you can slim down your face a bit using this app. Apart from this the app also provides other effects to makeover your photos. You can become more white, make your eyes larger, remove blemishes, etc.

As soon as you download this app you will be taken to the apps home screen, which is shown in the screenshot below.

wondercamera home

There are various features on this page you can choose from. Lets review the icons on the top bar first. The first icon on the top bar is turning the fill flash mode on or off. The second icon of a smiley face is for detecting your eyes while you are clicking a photo. The app will ask you to keep appropriate distance from the phone for this feature to work. Otherwise, you can try the third gear icon which will let you change settings of this app. Settings like turning grid view on or off, save original photo, sound on or off, photo size, sharing settings can be managed from here. The fourth last icon is the flip camera icon, which allows you to change between the front camera or the back camera of the phone.

In the bottom toolbar, the first icon which has a thumbnail of the last picture you took, will take you to the image galley of the app. Where you will find all the photos that you have edited so far using this app. This gallery lets you manage the images you have created. You can delete the one you do not like from here.

The centre icon is for clicking a picture as everyone would have understood that. The last icon on the bottom allows you to select between normal portrait camera or special camera. Well Portrait camera is your normal camera whereas, special camera is where you have effects already applied to the camera. Like you will find your skin tone whiter and smooth in the special camera option. So the elements of beautification have already been added to this special camera.

wondercamera edit and beautify

Once you click a picture, you will be shown various filters which you can apply on your photo. For example to name a few of these filters; smooth, white, sweet, LOMO, fresh, etc. The very first option you will find in this row is edit. The edit option will let you crop, rotate, or add mosaics to the photo. Also it will give you a beautify option where you will be able to change your skin tone, make your face thin, add sparkles to your eye, enlarge your eye size, remove blemishes, etc.

wondercamera share

When you are done with all that you can go ahead and click the save and share button on the top right hand side corner. This will save the photo in your image gallery and show you options to share this photo on Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Sina, QZone, Tencent, Renren, etc.

You can also do quick editing of your photos using this app. Look at your photos with a new you, with a makeover. You might actually like how nice you look after all the effects. So go ahead and try out this free iPhone app.

Try Wonder Camera for iPhone free.

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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch 5.0 or later
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