5 Watermarking Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 watermarking apps for Android which you can use to apply watermarks to images using Android. A watermark doesn’t always guarantee that your image isn’t gonna be stolen, but it’s a great way how to at least try to protect your photos when putting them out there in the world. There are apps in the Play Store that can help you watermark photos using an Android phone or tablet, just like you would be able to do it on a desktop app, without losing functionality.

Let’s see what we got.

Add Watermark Free

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Add Watermark Free supports both single photo and batch photo work modes. In single photo mode, you can load an image from the gallery, or take a new one with the camera app and then load it into Add Watermark Free.

Watermark can either be text or image with loads of settings available for configuration. For example you can change color, adjust transparency, orientation of the watermark, font, font size (in case of text) and more. Setup is easy and straightforward.

Get Add Watermark Free.

InstaMark – photo editing

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Are you perhaps looking for a bit more advanced watermarks, not just the standard text or images? InstaMark has that. This watermarking app that specializes in highly informative watermarks.

You can for example add your current location, weather reports, greeting clipart, special occasion clipart and much more. Watermarks added by InstaMark can also be edited, text can be added to further customize the watermark, see image above. Note that current location watermark requires location services (GPS) to be turned on.

Get InstaMark – photo editing.

Make sure to also checkout Batch Watermark Images In Different Styles: Bytescout Watermarking.

Watermark Photo Free

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Watermark Photo Free is a very simplistic photo watermarking app for Android that lets you add text or image watermarks to photos, the standard.

App is small and easy to use and it comes with a gallery of default clipart that you can use for watermarking. You get various stamp type of symbols (censored, approved, etc), skulls, road signs and more. When you add text, color of the text can be changed, as can its orientation.

Get Watermark Photo Free.

iWatermark Free

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iWatermark Free is interesting because it’s another app that can add watermarks to multiple photos at once.

Photos (multiple) can either be loaded from the gallery, or you can create a new one using the camera app and then import it into the app. This watermarking app also comes with a gallery of watermarks that you can use, similar to that of Watermark Photo Free.

Get iWatermark Free.

Also have a look at Free Image Watermarking Software: LuJoSoft Watermark Utility.


watermarking apps android 5

Watermark! sets the bar even lower when it comes to watermarking functionality because it only supports text overlay as watermark.

Text that’s gonna be applied has a lot of different styles for you to choose from, as you can see from the image above.

Get Watermark!.


I have a hard time picking a favorite. The one thing that I find impressive is support for watermarking multiple images at once, and because of that my vote goes to Add Watermark Free and/or iWatermark Free. Try them and let me know what you think in comments down below.

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