5 Icon Changer Software For Windows 10

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Here’s a list of 5 icon changer software for Windows 10 which you can use to easily change the icons used on application executables, device drives, files and folders. Changing icons is an easy way how to conceal programs or folders you don’t want people seeing or accessing (we’ve all done it). It’s also a great way how to prank people by forcing them to run applications that they aren’t interested in running.

Let’s look at these software below.

Folder Icon Changer

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Folder Icon Changer is an icon changer software for Windows 10 which makes it possible for you to change icons of folders. This can be done with Windows itself, using the folder properties window, but with Folder Icon Changer there’s a couple of extra tools for you to use.

This icon changer has a built-in icon extractor which lets you open up EXE, DLL, ICO, ICL files, extract icons from them and then use extracted icons as folder icons. Scraped icons (from files) can also be saved individually, so this is also a icon extractor.

Get Folder Icon Changer.

Drive Icon Changer

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Drive Icon Changer changes the icons of drives in the “My Computer” or “This PC” list of drives. Drives that I’m talking about are for example “Local Disk C” or “Local Disk D” drive, optical drives, removable drives (thumb drives), network drives, etc.

Install the app, run it, and it will offer you two options to tweak. First you need to select the icon (ICO) file with which you want the replace the default drive icons and after that the drive letter for which you want to change the icon. Click Create will apply the changes, see image above.

Get Drive Icon Changer.

Also, have a look at Change Icons of Flash Drives, Hard Drives, Folders: Folder iChanger.

Saint Andrew’s Icon Changer

icon changer software windows 10 3

Saint Andrew’s Icon Changer is an icon changer software for executables, EXE files. It’s also portable, which means that there’s no need for installing the application in order to use it.

Changing icons is pretty straightforward. Select the EXE file whose icon you want to change, then do the same for the icon that want to apply. Once both of these are selected, click on the “Change Icon” button. Note that selecting shortcuts from the desktop will select EXE files in the Program Files directory (or wherever the executable is located). You need admin rights to manipulate files in “Program Files” directory so the application won’t work without elevated rights in that case.

Get Saint Andrew’s Icon Changer.

QIcon Changer

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QIcon Changer uses drag and drop to load up the executable whose icon you want to change and the icon you want to apply. It’s very simple and to the point, see image above.

Each box has a preview and when both of them are loaded, you can click on the “Apply” button to change the icon of the selected EXE.

Get QIcon Changer.

Also, have a look at Free Icon Changer To Change Icons, Context Menus And Other Properties.

Folder iChanger

icon changer software windows 10 5

Folder iChanger will let you change icons of multiple folders at once. It will also lets you import icons similarly to how Folder Icon Changer does and also comes with a gallery of icons of its own that you can use.

Load up the icons and select all the folders whose icons you want to see changed (it’s also possible to change sub-folder icons). Click “Change icon” from the top toolbar to start the conversion process. Drive icons (as in “Local Disk C” icon) can also be changed using Folder iChanger.

Get Folder iChanger.


I suggest a combination of Folder iChanger and QIcon Changer because with these two icon changer applications you cover both application icons and folder icons. Both work great on Windows 10 and they are amazing icon changer software overall.

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