5 Free Forex Trading Extensions For Google Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 Forex Trading extensions for Google Chrome which you can use in order to keep track of Forex markets. A lot of people are earning their living by trading currency and other commodities on Forex markets. One very important element for making a successful trade is having the right info at the right time. For this reason you always need to keep an eye on what’s going on with the prices. What better way to do that than adding forex extensions into your favorite web browser.

Live Forex Rates

Live Forex Rates is a very simple extension that reports currency exchange rates for dozens of different world currencies.

chrome forex extensions live forex rates

After installing the extension, its icon is gonna be added to the usual top right corner, where extension icons are placed in Chrome. To access information about exchange rates, you just need to left click on the icon. Info about the prices is gonna showed right away. Exchange rates are refreshed every minute, so you always get the latest info.

Get Live Forex Rates.


Next extension that we’re gonna be covering is called HotForexLiveQoutes. It’s very similar to Live Forex Rates, with one exception, it provides much more information.

chrome forex extensions hot forex live quotes

LiveForexRates provides you with info about currency exchange rates, which is something that HotForex also does. The difference between the two is that HotForex also shows information about commodity and stock prices, as well as various indices. Information is gathered from Yahoo Finance.

Get HotForexLiveQuotes.


HotForexTools is created by the same publisher that created HotForexLiveQuotes. Instead of reporting prices for various commodities though, HotForexTools calculates various different values related to Forex trading.

chrome forex extensions hot forex tools

You can use this Forex extension for Chrome in order to calculate Fibonacci values, pivot points, pipe values, position sizes and risks/rewards factors. Everything is simplified, you just need to type in values and hit the Return key.

Get HotForexTools.

The Financials

Up until now we’ve covered currency exchange rates, commodity prices and Forex calculations, so it’s only natural that we now focus on news about forex. If there is some event that might affect a currency, you need to know that.

chrome forex extensions the financials

It can be extremely handy to know all the latest rumors in the world on Forex trading, what kind of bets other more experienced investors are doing, what their predictions are, etc. The Financials is a Chrome extension created by a financial news website that bears the same name. This extension will report back latest financial news in a single click.

Get The Financials.


GoSeng is another price tracking extensions, but it’s different from the ones that we’ve covered up until now.

chrome forex extensions goseng

With GoSeng you can set alerts so that when price for a certain currency drops below a certain number or goes above a certain number, you’ll be notified about it. Another thing that you get with GoSeng are historical price charts so you can see what the prices for a certain currency was in the past.

Get GoSeng.

Another useful extension that I haven’t included in this list, but we have covered on this website earlier, is Wikinvest Portfolio-at-a-glance that lets you track your forex portfolio.


Every one of the 5 Forex extensions for Chrome that we’ve mentioned here has it’s own practical use. Using them will save you a lot of time and money. If you don’t already have some of them installed, make sure that you do install a few and let us know what you think about them in the comment section down below.

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