Turn YouTube Videos into Books Using Android Reading App for Kids

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Rivet is a free Android reading app for kids which turns YouTube videos into books. Yes you read it right. The app has collaborated with may popular YouTubers to convert videos into books. Instead of your kids watching silly YouTube videos all the time, now they can read them as a storybook. The app has a good collection of over 2000 books for kids.

Rivet has teamed up with popular kids YouTubers to turn their video into books. Kids would definitely love reading when their favorite video can be read as a book. Reading is a very important habit when it comes to kids. Parents always try to make kids read more. But using this app it would become much easier, as kids would want to read, because the books would have the same images as their favorite videos.

The app is truly made for kids as they are rewarded on successful completion of reading a book. At the end of reading there are badges to be earned and games to be played.

Let’s look at this Android reading app in detail:

First of all you need to install this app from Google Play store. The link of this app can be found at the end of this article. When you start this app you will see a screen like the one seen in the screenshot below.

You will be asked to sign in using your Google account or you can even skip the sign in part. After you sign in to the app, click the next button shown at the bottom of the screen.

The next screen asks for parental consent. Read the information mentioned and at the end click on “I consent” button. You will move on to create a profile for your child screen.

On this screen you have to mention the name of your kid, his birth year, choose a second language if you like and then click the next button.

The next screen asks you to choose a reading level for your kid out of the 8 given levels. When you tap on a level, it will show the type of sentences that particular reading level has in the box given below. Once you have selected the reading level of your kid, tap the save profile button at the bottom.

Now the profile of your child has been created and a default avatar will also be seen. This avatar can be changed if you like. At the bottom of this page is a add profile button. This is in case you want to add another child’s profile in the app. Otherwise you can just click the next button.

Now the app will ask you permission to record audio, you can allow or deny this request from the app. Now you can see the app page where all the books are listed.

At the top of the page your child’s name and reading level is displayed. Below that you will see a tile for YouTube books, and then category of books are listed like adventure, animals, fiction, history, non-fiction, science, sports, etc. Below the categories books are listed in tile format. The books which support audio have a volume icon on them.

You can click on any book to open it up. When a book opens up, it will have forward and backward arrows at the bottom to go forward or to go back. Apart from that there is also an option to zoom in or zoom out, for better reading experience.

There is a microphone icon towards the bottom left of the page. Activate the microphone icon. Now if there is a difficult word that your child comes across while reading, then he or she can simply tap on that word and the word would be said out loud. This will help the kids in learning how to pronounce new or difficult words. The entire line on the page can also be read out loud using the microphone option.

Once you complete reading a book you will get a celebrations screen to applaud your efforts.

Then the app will ask you to rate the book that you just read using smileys.

Upon clicking next button, you will come across a mini balloon game where you need to pop all the balloons. After this you can move on to the home screen and select another book from there to read.

Key Features of this Android reading app for kids:

  • More than 2000 books to read.
  • The booked are leveled according to the kids reading abilities.
  • Child friendly interface.
  • Browse books by category or search using keyword.
  • Different reading levels.
  • On tap help available for Tricky words.
  • Earn badges and rewards.
  • Read books created by popular kids YouTubers.
  • Can be used in classrooms by teachers.
  • Mini game to play at the end of reading a book.


Rivet is a fun reading app for kids. The best part is the books are made out of favorite videos of kids which they watch on YouTube. The characters in the books look familiar because of the videos, so the kids are automatically attracted to reading the book with their favorite characters. Personally, kids reading a book is better then they spending time watching a video. They can learn and improve their reading skills and even learn new words. So go ahead and give this app a try.

Check out Rivet for Android here.

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