5 Websites with Free eBooks for Kids

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Kids spend a lot of time on computer, laptops, tablets, phones, etc. now days. Most of this time is either spent playing games or surfing websites. So put this computer time to use, by giving your kids eBooks to read. The eBooks available on the internet can be browsed according to age group of your child. Most of the eBooks are pretty fun to read along with your child. Lot of the eBooks will also have audio accompanied with them. It will make it more interesting for the kids to go through.

Let’s find some websites with Free eBooks for Kids.


zing ebook

This website offers you lots of eBooks for kids of all ages. You do require to create a account with this website to start reading eBooks. Once you confirm your account by clicking the link sent to your email address, you can login and start reading eBooks. You will be asked to choose the kind of books you would like to read out of a list of suggestions. The suggestions chosen will be displayed on your dashboard. Once you select a book title, click on it to open it for reading. The reading interface will open up in another window or tab. This interface can be seen in the screenshot above. You can easily move forward and back in the book using the previous or next arrows given on either side. The tool bar at the top of this window will let you zoom in/out, use dictionary, make notes, etc. You can write review about a eBook that you read and can also add it to your library for easy access.


kidsworldfun ebook

This website also offers you lots of eBooks to read with your kids. No sign up or registration is needed with this website. Just go to this website, select the eBooks sections and all the eBooks will be displayed on the page. Choose the one that you want to read. When you click on a book title, a page will come up with a summary about the book and at the end of the summary you will have the option to read or download the eBook. Yes you do get an option to download the eBook as well, as the eBooks are in PDF format, you can easily save them to your PC.

Free Kids Books

free kids books ebooks

Another website which lets you read as well as download eBooks. All the eBooks are listed on the home page of the website. For selecting one to read, you can either browse through all the books, or choose from the categories of Toddlers, children, or young adults. As you can see in the screenshot above, you can either read the eBook online or download a PDF version of it. Apart from this you can also write a review about any eBook you read.

Oxford Owl

oxford owl ebooks

This is another good website to read eBooks. You can find a book based on age group, book type, print book, series. You will be shown all the books listed on the web page in the form of a bookshelf. For reading a book you would need to sign in with the website. After signing in, click on read eBook link. This will open the eBook in another tab. Now in this reading window you will get the option to zoom in/out, go forward and back while reading, play/pause or mute the audio. As you keep flipping the pages of the book the audio will play with every page. There will also be activities which can be carried out when you finish reading the book. At the top of the page you will see the activities listed. Just click on them to go through them.

Children’s Storybooks Online

children story books ebooks

This website lists all the eBooks in a list format on the home page of the website. You can click on any book title to read it. The three categories this website has are young children, older children and young adult. You can either go to a specific category to read a book or browse through them all. When you click on a book title, it will open in a full page reading format. The page numbers will be shown at the bottom and there will be arrows on either side of the page to navigate. The book titles accompanied with a audio icon are audio books. These books will have a narrator read out the book for you when you click on the audio icon on each page.

You can also check out free coloring books for kids.

These are the websites you can use to read eBooks for kids. There were a lot of other websites which I found, but a lot of them just had a list of books which could be read through other websites. The websites listed above let you read eBooks right from there website. So go ahead and enjoy reading some fun stories with your little ones.

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