Prevent PC From Sleeping Or Hibernating

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Insomnia is a free Software to prevent PC from sleeping or hibernating. It is a very useful and lightweight tool that only focus on a single task, which is to prevent your PC from sleeping or hibernating. As it is a very simple and intuitive software, it doesn’t have any option other than activating Keep Monitor On. It basically works with Windows Advance Power Management to prevent your computer from going into sleep mode.

If your PC gives you a hard time by automatically sleeping or hibernating due to some bug or error in the registry or any other relevant reasons, then you surely can use Insomnia to tackle such problems.insomnia

Preventing PC From Sleeping or Hibernating with this software:

Insomnia is free and lightweight software which prevents monitor from sleeping or hibernating. Once you download and install this software, you don’t actually have to do anything, rather it starts working as soon as you run it. Its icon appears in the system tray from where you have to select the Keep Monitor On option. After that, your system won’t sleep, unless you want it to go into sleep/hibernate mode.

Unlike most of its competitors, Insomnia doesn’t fake keypresses or mouse clicks to keep the system awake, as these fake keypresses and mouse clicks may cause problems with other applications. What it actually does, is that it prevents your system from ever realizing the time to shut down. It does this by working with Windows Advance Power Management.


I was facing similar trouble with my desktop for last one week or so, as my monitor automatically used to sleep after being inactive for 10 or so seconds. And, I was about to format my PC, when my boss advised me to try this software first, and it really worked. After using Insomnia, I am no longer facing those problems and my desktop is working just fine.


Insomnia is a very useful software to prevent PC from sleeping or hibernating. It works really well as I am talking with real experience. So guys who are facing similar problems can try it.

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