Cheats for Adventure World on Facebook

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Here are some cheats for Facebook Adventure World. Facebook Adventure World is one of the most popular Facebook Games. The brilliance of a Facebook Game is in the fact that they are played over the browser. And the popular games on Facebook have received an animation upgrade which makes the gameplay more entertaining and addictive.

Facebook Adventure World is quite interesting to play. You can play the game honestly, or, you can use popular cheats to exploit the game even further. For example, if you win a single  campaign, then you might unlock certain treasures which enhance your progress in the game. With some added prowess, you can win more campaigns and earn better rewards.

facebook Adventure world

Cheats for Adventure World:

Basic Cheats for Adventure World:

  • Professor John is integral to Facebook Adventure World. In Facebook Adventure world, you might stumble upon a lot of elements  that might puzzle you. In that case, you need to call over Professor John.
  • Chop down all the bushes. The bushes in the background cannot be removed , but you can rip the roots which block your way. Just swipe your machete and do that a couple of times as there could be snakes in midst of the stray plants and vines, which could be cost you some health.
  • Make  enough friends, who could send over daily gifts.
  • All treasure items are necessary. Hidden rewards could be found in some of the treasure items.
  • There are many traps in Facebook Adventure World. Try to use them to your advantage. Lure the snake into a trap and save some health points.
  • The Show Me Button helps, in case you find yourself stuck up while playing the game.
  • Play Facebook Adventure World Regularly.

Cheats for Adventure World: Poacher Problem

  • You need to rescue six baby monkeys.
  • Ask your Facebook Adventure World Friends to help you out with Banana Puree.
  • Feed the Baby monkeys with the same number of Banana Puree Jars.
  • Create Monkey Decoys by gathering cocoa beans, cotton pieces, poison arrow frogs and sock monkeys.
  • Steal Three Poacher Maps.
  • Sabotage all the poacher conveyances to thwart the poachers. Use their follies to your advantage.

Cheats For Adventure World: Lost Children

  • Find four Missing Children.
  • Collect all the Azure Skulls. There are four of them.
  • Find All the children toys. They are Yellow Bird, Blue Bird, Red Sloth and Blue Sloth respectively.
  • The Blue Sloth Toy is difficult to locate. Search every bush for it.

Cheats for Adventure World : Quaking Mine

  • Recover and place the Quaking Idol on the pedestal in the shortest time possible.
  • Switch of all the levers that close all the traps.
  • Break three Giant Crystal and four Crystal Formations.
  • Ask friends to give you ten Flashlight Bulbs.
  • Push Five Minecarts to the end of the tracks.

Cheats for Adventure World: Cavern Quests

  • Find the Snake idol for all the parts.
  • Don’t miss the society work.
  • Overcome all the spiders and clear all the spider webs.

Adventure World Cheats: Great River Expedition

  • Perform the Llama Research.
  • Repair all the bridges.
  • Collect the MountainHeart Gem.
  • Remove thorns from the vines with which you can bind your bridge.

For more cheats for Adventure World you could visit Games Blog, which provides tricks and tips for all popular Facebook Games.

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