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Zynga has launched another free facebook game, Facebook Adventure World which has already been touted as a hit among Facebook gamers. This free facebook game is closely styled on Indiana Jones and Relic Hunter. In Facebook Adventure World, you have to start on a quest from the jungles of El Dorado and slowly and steadily advance to Egypt and Tibet. Facebook Adventure World is refreshingly different from the other facebook games due to a different gameplay employed in this role playing game.

The graphics in Facebook are lemony fresh due to the change in the game scenes during mini crusades. The game is totally mouse- oriented and can be played on the browser, so you can have a marathon session with Facebook Adventure World without upgrading your system.The best thing about this free facebook game is that you can complete a stage within a matter of minutes. I cannot point out any Flaws in this free Facebook game , but hope it keeps up the good reputation.

adventure world

How to play the free Facebook game, Adventure World :

Facebook Adventure World commences from the jungles of El Dorado and as the game advances you head to explore Egypt and Tibet. The hot chase boils down to international fame (strictly limited to the game). Gather precious relics and antiques while battling the wilderness, unearth danger at every step in the game. This gives you some game cash, energy and experience. Follow the instructions provided in the game. Always refer to the base camp in hard moments of the game. Just keep in mind that energy is limited in Facebook Adventure World and that free facebook games are only economical if you have a lot of Facebook Friends. Rest of the features in this free facebook game are self explanatory.

Features of Free Facebook Game, Adventure World :

  • Free, I Love Free Software reviews free facebook games only.
  • Simple, Facebook Adventure world is not a complicated Facebook Game.
  • Entertaining and engaging gameplay, the free facebook game is quite interesting with newer quests which keep you constantly engaged.
  • Popular, Facebook Adventure World is quite popular, so there will be no dearth of gamers. You could get acquainted with them for some walkthroughs or simply increase your friend count which affects your progress.
  • Fresh and new concept, Facebook Adventure World is quite different from the other facebook strategy games which breaks from the prevalent monotony of the current free facebook games.

Facebook Adventure World Cheats:

Though we will be drafting a separate post on this topic, here are certain tips and tricks for saving you some brainstorming while playing this free facebook game.

  • Follow every step provided by Professor John during the commencement of the game.
  • Cut down every bush and break every rock in the game for hidden traps and objects. Beware of moving bushes as there could be a snake hiding in it which could cost you some health.
  • Try to visit pages related to Facebook Adventure World. Playing this free Facebook Game without enough friends could make the gameplay more stressful. Make sure you have enough friends/neighbours in Facebook Adventure World.
  • Try to use the traps to your advantage. You could lure the snakes in the trap.
  • Collect all the treasure items. Though these items are optional as they could have a game reward concealed in them.
  • Use the Show Me button if you are ever stuck in the Facebook Adventure World.

adventure world 2

Facebook Adventure World is a Free Facebook Game which has elements of Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider. Play Facebook Adventure World Free.

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