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Now Cheats for Mafia Wars are available on I Love Free Software. Mafia Wars is one of the most popular free Facebook Game. Mafia Wars has a big fan following and every gamer is at the others throat to gain an edge. To progress in the Facebook game you need to play Mafia Wars on a regular basis. This is one of the few tips we are going to provide you in this Post. With these cheats for Mafia Wars, we hope your Mafia Wars experience is going to improve and you might be able to progress swiftly in the game and gain a leverage to your current standings in the Facebook Game. So here are your Cheats for Mafia Wars. But please keep in mind that these are cheats for Mafia Wars and not walk-throughs.

List of Cheats for Mafia Wars:

Cheats for Mafia Wars Jobs

      • Join Mafia Wars as a Maniac. A Maniac gains energy faster than a Mogul, who makes more money or a  Fearless, who can perform all sorts of jobs.
      • You should either join a gang or make your own gang but this should not be done in the earlier levels of the game as you could be targeted . The Mafia should show constant growth or you would fall prey to .
      • You need to have a good number of Mafia Wars who are regular players as well. Their advancement could help your progress.
      • Do gift your friends regularly. Then you would get return gifts. These gifts help in unlocking the Vault which could have a bumper pr
      • Check out the experience ratios besides any job, higher the ratio, more the experience.
      • Check out the sections for the bonus loots. You don’t need to upgrade your artillery without spending extra game cash.
      • Avoid the Hit list as much as possible especially in the lower levels of the games where you should avoid as much attention as possible.
      • Best Cash and Experience Jobs are Auto Theft, Bank Heist, Museum Break in and Wiretapping the Boss.
      • If you attack somebody on the Hit list and get a hoard of cash, then bookmark the gangster and attack him as often as you can.

If you have additional cheats for Mafia Wars regarding jobs, do inform us.

Cheats for Mafia Wars Artillery

  • Acquire as many bloody chainsaws, mafia mikes, .50 calibers armored limousines in the game early on. Remember these items are on the loot bonuses, so try carrying out related jobs or quests..
  • You can earn an armored car early on if you perform the Invade the tong controlled neighborhood.
  • You need to have armor all around. Keep on upgrading as often as you can.
  • One Town car is highly recommended.

Provide feedback on cheats for Mafia Wars Artillery. Our team will be highly grateful.

Choosing your Mafia Cheats

  • Mastermind One with the most job experience should be chosen over the other members of the gang.
  • Wheelman The Fearless character is the best choice.
  • Button Man The Maniac types are best suited for this kind of job.
  • SafeCracker, choose a person with multiple heists in his profile.
  • Bagman, Best to have a mogul type for this job.

We have a post on Facebook Mafia Wars in case you want a light read. Though I personally recommend gamers to upgrade to Mafia Wars 2.

We believe there’s more to jot down in here. Please post comments in case you spot some bloopers in cheats for Mafia Wars. Provide our team with additional insights, tips and strategies.

Mafia Wars is a social game which can be played on multiple platforms. Play Mafia Wars Free.

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