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001 Game Creator is a free game creation application which gives users an easy to use interface that creates fast games for them. Anybody can create computer games for hobby or for professional purposes. The application allows you to bring your unique game ideas and concepts to life, with simple point-and-click scripting, and a powerful customization of tiles, characters, monsters, items, magic and plenty more.

This free game creator is easy to download and computer games can be created with much ease. You can also read related articles like Free Software to create Video Games, Alice and Scratch. If you want to improve performance of your PC while playing games on it, check out Game Booster.

Here is screenshot of a game generated with 001 Game Creator:

001 Game

Some of the features of 001 Game Creator:

Powerful graphical scripting

Powerful graphical scripting is a great feature of this freeware. Creating artistic games for yourself is not a problem even if you do not know any programming language. As the application does not need professional coding and you can create wonderful games just by clicking and aligning events.

001 Game Creator

Text Scripting

This feature is for more complex type of coding and game development. It is for helping those users who have professional knowledge and coding experience in game creation. Text Scripting is more complex scripting than Graphical Scripting. It is harder, but if you are good at it, you will be able to script certain things faster.

Effect Generation

The effect generator in the application offers you fully editable particle effects, to add animation and life to your computer games. The feature gives you freedom of alteration in the shapes and sizes of the objects and color variation over the time.

Lighting and Fog

You can also add lights and fog variation in the animated computer games, to give real effect of day and night. The options are available to you to make the game maps and location more realistic and allow alterable snow, cloud or rain effects.

Positional and Layered Audio

You can add sounds and music to the games with real audio effects. You can enhance the audio effects with layered audio, which gives you the possibility to play numerous tracks at once. While positional sound, with 5.1 Surround Sound functionality gives you the freedom to place sound effects on a map, giving it audible range, pitch, and volume. Supported audio file formats include MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, WAV, WV, AIFF, XM, IT, S3M, MOD, MTM, UMX, MO3, MIDI, WMA.

Visual Routes

You can create game objects, set up the character, and add details to the character movements with the simple to use visual route system, which creates a path that the character will follow endlessly.

Multiple Z Layers

The function allows you to give height and layer to the maps ground with which the characters can stand up and cross-heighted floors and platforms. This feature allows you to give height to the map’s ground in order to create multiple layers of floors that the character can walk on, which is useful for platform games.

The above feature list does not end here. 001 Game Creator provides all the functionality that would equip you with tools and techniques, for creating realistic computer games.

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