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Folder Locker is a freeware that is used to lock and protect files and folders in an easy manner. You need to create a username and password so that you can lock your sensitive or confidential files or folders. Any kind of file whether it is a text file, executable file, media file, etc., can be locked using Folder Locker. In the same way, you can protect folders to secure them.

Unlike some similar software, Folder Locker doesn’t hide or password protect files and folders. Instead, it encrypts items so that no one can access those items. And as you need to provide a username and password to lock/unlock files or folders, it ensures more security. Just a simple drag n drop action is required to lock files and folders.

Folder Locker- protect files and folders

In above screenshot, you can see interface of Folder Locker where you can drag n drop files or folders to protect your stuff. Folder Locker requires .Net Framework 4.0 to run successfully.

Note: A slight change will occur to your Windows theme every time when you will run its application file, until you close Folder Locker.

How To Protect Files and Folders Using Folder Locker?

At the first time, when you will run its application, you need to register yourself with a username and password of your choice to create your own locker.

Folder Locker- create your locker

Once you have created the locker, you can access main interface of Folder Locker where you simply need to drag a file or folder from PC to required place. Immediately after placing file to the required place, that particular file will be encrypted, like it is visible in below screenshot:

Folder Locker- lock a file or folder

Now you can close Folder Locker and no one will be able to access that locked file (including you).

Whenever you need to access your original file or folder, open Folder Locker, provide username & password, drag and drop locked file to the required box. Instantly, it will be decrypted so that you can use it.

Some Key Features Present In Folder Locker are:

  • It’s a handy software that can lock files and folders by encrypting them. Hence, it works a bit similar, like some file encryption software.
  • Easy drag n drop action is required to lock and unlock items.
  • Any kind of files from media to text files can be locked using Folder Locker.
  • You can create your own locker with username and password of your wish. Hence, there is more security as no one will access its main interface without actual username and password.
  • It is less than 3 mb in size.
  • Free to use for everyone.

Some similar software: File and folder locker, Power Lock, Easy File Locker, and A+ Folder Locker.


Folder Locker ensures protection to sensitive files and folders by encrypting them. And a username and password is needed to unlock files and folders, so Folder Locker is reliable to use. To download Folder Locker, click on link available below:

Get Folder Locker free.

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