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Wallcast is an interesting free wallpaper creator and free wallpaper changer, that allows the user to create a photo collage wallpaper for the PC which will be a collage of the user’s personal photographs. The user selects the phptographs that are to be made into a collage and Wallcast effortlessly converts them into an attractive wallpaper.

Computer wallpaper is one of those things that is seen every day but forgotten easily. But by personalizing it with photographs of friends and relatives in the form of a dynamic collage, the user can add a personal, creative touch to the usually plain wallpapers. Wallcast helps the user in doing just that.


There are lot of other wallpaper software we have reviewed earlier like automatic wallpaper changer, desktop constructor, and even animated wallpaper software, but WallCast is most unique from all of them. Instead of providing just a static way of creating wallpaper from your photos, Wallcast actually lets you send and receive photos to your friends and family, so that they automatically show up on their wallpaper. It also comes with an iPhone app so that you can click a photo, and send it directly to wallpaper of your computer. Awesome!

Here are some of the other features of this free wallpaper creator:

Dynamic Collage

Wallcast, in fact turns the computer wallpaper into a creatively unique and live and social, dynamic collage of photos.These photos can be changed a number of times automatically for variety, each time with a different set of personal photographs and images.

Get photos from family and friends

The user can receive photos from friends and relatives online, to make the wallpaper. And in a similar way the user can send his version of the photographs to be included in his friends wallpaper collage. And the important feature is that all these exchanges are private to the users. Only people with an invite can send and receive photos.

Send directly from iPhone/iPod Touch

With just a few clicks the user’s photographs can be sent across to other users of Wallcast and in a matter of minutes the photos can appear on the wallpaper collage of friends and relatives.

Adding pictures

The user can login to the Wallcast account and add pictures to customize the wallpaper. The images can also be sent as an  attachment to a mail address, that is dedicated to receiving photos. Creating the collage is completely automatic and happens in a matter of seconds, once the user chooses and adds the photographs.

Periodic Updates

Another interesting feature of Wallcast is that it periodically updates the wall paper with the collage of the user’s picture that are uploaded online recently. This can be done with the help of an iPhone app or via E-mail.

All these interesting features make Wallcast a ‘fun to use’ application to personalize wallpapers. Download WallCast free.

Here is a quick video overview of Wallcast:

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Works With: Windows, Mac OS X
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