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Desk & Archive is a desktop organizer that you can use in order to clean up desktop clutter. If you are one of those people who likes to leave documents that you’re currently working on just lying around on your desktop unorganized. With time, especially if you have large screen size, if you add a lot of different files and folders, together with various icons, it can be very difficult to find what you are looking for, that’s where Desk & Archive can help out a lot.

Desk and Archive default window

This is the default screen that waits for you after running Desk & Archive for the first time. Notice that the program already arranged the desktop files and folders according to the date that they were last accessed and modified. The tags on the right side of the list are indicating that some of them we used today and some this week, this makes it easier for us to find the files that we’re using the most. This desktop organizer offers a lot more than just basic files listing, so let’s see some of the more interesting things that it has to offer.

Quick desktop search with Desk & Archive

As you may have noticed at the top of the application window there is a quick search option that you can use in order to find files which might not be at the top of the most accessed list, but you still need them opened.

Desk and Archive search

As you type, files will be automatically searched and results displayed in the window below. You can also type in the file location, or path and locate them that way if it’s more convenient.

Bookmark files and group by popularity

With Desk & Archive bookmarking system is supplied, similar to that of internet browsers. Basically whenever you are in the main list of files and folders that reside on your desktop, you can mark them as favorite and they will be placed in a special group inside the program for easier access later on.

Desk and Archive bookmark

Notice the Recent and Frequent group tabs which are present right below the Bookmark tab, this is where you can filter out files which you are opening the most on your desktop and obviously files that were created or accessed recently.

Remove desktop clutter by archiving unnecessary files

Archiving files is one of the best features that this application has to offer. When you are browsing through your files in the main Desk list, where the entire desktop is listed you can right-click and select the archive option which will remove the file from the list but also from the desktop and place it in a folder called Main Archive which the program creates.

Desk and Archive archiving

Isolate the files that you rarely or no longer open at all and place them inside an archive, that way they no longer cause clutter on your desktop. Desk & Archive is a great application for anyone who has a lot of files on their desktop but doesn’t know where to start the cleanup. In a few clicks your desktop will be fully organized.

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