Add New Folder Option To Right Click Context Menu Using NewFolderEx

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NewFolderEx is a free Windows Explorer extension which you can use in order to add the New Folder option directly to the right-click context menu, without having to access it in the New sub-menu. Normally when you want to create a new folder you right-click, move the mouse cursor to the New option and only then you’ll be able to select the create New folder option. Several other document types can be created from that menu, but with NewFolderEx you’re only able to move the New Folder option back one step, and have it right away in the right-click context menu.

NewFolderEx default window

Screenshot of the right-click context menu above is a bit different from the one that your Windows system has. Unless you already have this free NewFolderEx installed, you will not be able to see that New Folder option located just above the Screen Resolution and this is exactly what you’ll get if you decide to install NewFolderEx.

Key Features of NewFolderEx:

  • Simple to install and setup, you just need to install the program.
  • Moves the New Folder option directly to the right-click context menu.
  • No need to open up the New sub-menu when you need a new folder.
  • Works when you right-click on the desktop and when browsing files.
  • Saves time, you no longer have to open menus to create folder.

Even though you might think that by moving this one option you’re not gonna save a lot of time, you’re not thinking of those who are for some reason creating folders on a regular basis. Sometimes you don’t hit the New option right away, so that you can click on the New folder option. Sometimes if you do, you’re not careful and it closes fast. Let’s not forget that the very act of moving your mouse to the sub-menu where New folder is located costs you time. Here is how you can avoid all these things easily and in just a few clicks.

How to Add New Folder option to the Right Click Context Menu in Windows with NewFolderEx?

The only thing that you need to do in order to move this option and see it in the right-click context menu is install NewFolderEx. This is just an add-on, you don’t get any kind of interface or anything like that. After it finishes installation, you’re gonna have to right-click somewhere on your computer screen in order to notice the change that happened.

NewFolderEx while browsing

Like we already mentioned you get the same New folder option added and moved when you right-click on something when browsing files. It’s located all the way at the bottom, but the effect of clicking on the option is the same, new folder will be created from the right-click context menu.


NewFolderEx is a very useful extension, which will surely save you time, especially if you are dealing with and creating a lot of new folders on a regular basis. Download it free.

Download NewFolderEx.

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