Turn Presentations into Narrated Videos with Multiple Voice-Over Free

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In this article, you will read about how to a web application that turns presentations into narrated videos with Multiple Voice-over for free.

Creating videos is not an easy task. There are a lot of software tools and web applications available out there which can help you in creating the video from using a script. The script is an essential part of creating any video, that provides a framework for the video.

However, there is a web application that I mentioned previously in one of my articles that helps in creating the videos from either script or MS Powerpoint presentations. This web application was previously called Video Puppet but now its owner has renamed it to NaraKeet.

Turn Presentations into Narrated Videos with Multiple Voice-Over Free

Narakeet is the renamed version of Video Puppet but with a bit of change and addition in its features. The addition in the web application allows the user to add the voice-over in the video and edit the video with some additional features like the choice of music and subtitles. Let us see how you can make the video by Narakeet.

For this, you first have to visit the website of Narakeet by clicking here. There is an option for signing up for the service if you want to save the progress of the video. However, you can always try without signing up if you want to use the service in one go.

Click on “create a video now” to get started with creating a video.


In the next step, you will be asked whether you want to create a new video or edit the settings of an existing video. In the edit version, you can insert the voice-over directly to the video, format the text, and choose the music to be played in the background of the video.

If you want to create a new video from the start, click on “Create the video”.

Create video

Next up, you have to upload the script or the MS Powerpoint Presentation (.pptx) file to the web application. Here, you can use the demo file as well if you just want to test the website performance before using your own file.

Upload the file

The follow-up step is to customize the video where the additional features can be seen. Here, you can edit the screen dimensions of the video, slides, and the language input (other than English).


You can also choose the voice-over tone and type (male or female), the speed of reading the text, and the background music of the video.

Voice over


Moreover, you can also customize the frequency of the music play in the first and last slide.

Upload music

After all the settings are done, it will take around 5-10 minutes maximum for the video to be ready. Then you can review the video by playing as many times as you like.

Narrated video

If you still want to edit the video, you can click on “improve video” and later on get the edits as per your requirement on the website itself.

In brief

Narakeet is the web application that has been renamed from Video Puppet which has new additional features to make videos look more professional and catchy.

Try this web application here.

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