Free Forever Email Verification Tool to Check Email Deliverability: BounceBan

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BounceBan is a free online email verification tool that you can use to validate an email address and check its deliverability status. It validates the syntax of the email address as well as the MX records by DNS lookup. Apart from deliverability status, it can also show whether the email address is disposable. For now, you can only check 1 email address at a time and there is no monthly or daily limit. However, if you abuse the system then they may ban you.

If you have an ecommerce store or a list of subscribers to send a newsletter to then you may want to clean it first. And a way to do that is via email verification tools or APIs. There are not so much free tools out there for this but this BounceBan is one. You can use it for personal as well as commercial use and it will not let you down. For more features such as bulk lookup, you can buy credits. But for non-frequent user, free version works just fine.

Free Forever Email Verification Tool to Check Email Deliverability

Free Forever Email Verification Tool to Check Email Deliverability: BounceBan

In order to start verifying email addresses for their deliverability, you just have to sign up for a free account on the main website of BounceBan. After you reach on the main dashboard, you can start using that afterwards.

BounceBan Start Email Valdiation

Now, you just enter an email in it and hit enter. Or, click on “Verify for free”. It will take a few seconds and will show you the result. For every email that you verify using this too, it will show you the following information about it.

  • Score: This is like spam score. If an email domain is new then its score will be low.
  • State: Here you can see the deliverability states of a mailbox
  • Attributes: Status of SMTP attributes such as Accept-all is displayed here.
  • Free: Whether an email address belongs to free email providers such as Google, outlook, AOL, etc.
  • Disposable: This will indicate whether an email address is disposable or temporary one.
  • SMTP: This field shows the SMTP provider name of the specified email address.
  • MX Records: All the MX records that are fetched from the DNS hosting are displayed here.

BounceBan Email Validation in Action

You can now keep using the free version of the tool in this way. The single email verification is free forever. All you have to do is just enter an email and let it do the rest. It keeps log of all the emails that you verify here. Besides, if you want API then you can contact them on the email given in the API section.

Final thoughts:

We have covered some email validators before but they all come with some kind of limitation. But BounceBan here is a bit different. It offers you a free forever functionality for single email verification which is pretty good. I liked the simple report that it generates. If you are looking for a simple email verification tool or service this is where you get one for free.

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