5 Free Email Validation API to Validate an Email Address

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Here are 5 free email validation API to validate an email address. Using these free APIs you can easily identify if an email address really exists or not. All of these services can verify an email address by validating its syntax, looking for the MX records, SMTP connection to the server, email deliverablity, disposable email address, and some other parameters. In most of these services, they return a JSON response while in some of them you can also opt to get an XML response. You can easily embed these APIs in your application and use them as you wish. There are a variety of programming languages that these API support. Apart from using these APIs in an application, you can also use them via simple URL and see the response in your browser.

Some of the APIs that I have mentioned below are fully free while some of them come with certain limitations. But when it comes to validate an email address, then you can do that with all of these in just few seconds. You just have to obtain your API key after a simple sign up and then you can start using them from anywhere.

Free Email Validation API

5 Free Email Validation API:


trumail email validation api

TruMail is one of the best free API to validate an email address and it is very simple to use. You just have to build a URL and paste it in your browser. After that, it will present you the response of the request. It supports two different methods to fetch the response for the validation request. You can opt to get the response in JSON format or you can also opt to get the same in XML format. However, there is no other method is defined to use this API using different variety of programming languages. So, if you are a developer, then I am sure that you will figure out the way to use this API in your application.

One of the best thing about TruMail is that there isn’t even a registration process. You just have to form a URL by providing some parameters like target email address, type of the response you want to get. See the syntax of the URL below.


Here in the place of “format” type the “json” or “xml” and replace “email” with the target email address. After that, paste that URL in the browser. You will see the email validation result in the form of JSON or XML. You can see the above snapshot.


apiplayer in action

Mailboxlayer also provides a free email validation API that you can use to verify email addresses. However, it comes with a limit that you can only validate 250 emails per month. The process of using this API to validate an email address is same as I have mentioned for TruMail. You will have to design a URL and then make a request to its server. It will then return a JSON response with some parameters that you can use to identify whether an email address is valid or not. In the response, you can see the status of the email’s domain, mx record exists or not, whether it is a disposable email address, syntax of the email is true or not, and if the email message is deliverable to that address.

As I said that it works like TruMail, but to make it work, you will need a API key. And you can get your API key by registering yourself on the website of Mailboxlayer. After getting the API keys, you can build the request URL and you can use the web interface of Mailboxlayer to do that.

Now, open the URL in the browser and it will immediately show you the JSON response. You can see the result in the JSON response whether the email address you tried to validate exists or not.

Mailboxlayer records the API usage and shows you a progress bar on the dashboard. This is helpful to track that how many requests you have left to validate an email address.

Free Email Verifier

verify email org

Free Email Verifier provides a simple API to validate an email address instantly. It can validate the email syntax as well as the message deliverablity to that email address. Just like other APIs, it also returns a JSON response with details of the validation result. It checks the syntax of the email, verify the domain exists or not, performs MX records lookup, and checks the SMTP delivery status. You can see it all the in the JSON response and make sure that the email you are verifying is actually a verified one.

In the free version, Free Email Verifier lets you verify 5 email addresses per hour. And it lets you verify 50 emails in bulk once in a month. There is you just have to build a URL by adding your API credentials and then it will work. And before doing that, you will have to register for a free account.

After you have registered yourself then your user name and password will be used as authentication for the API. The API request URL looks like:


In the URL, you can replace “username”, “password”, and “email” with the actual parameters. And then you can enter it in the browser. After that, it will immediately show you the JSON response. In the JSON response, you can see that whether the email address is valid or nor by seeing mx lookup result and SMTP status.

Email Verifier API

email verifier api

Email Verifier API is a free API service that lets you verify 100 emails per month in its free plan. It returns the JSON data with full stats of the email validation you performed. It verifies the domain name in the specified email address, check if the mailbox is reachable, verifies the format and syntax of the email address, checks if the email address is from any disposable email provider, and much more. You can build a API request URL and then use that in your browser.

To start validating email with Email verifier API, you will have to sign up for a free account and then you will get the API key which will be used in the request URL. But do note that, the default API key is for only internal use. You will have to generate another API key to send API request outside of the Email Verifier API’s web app.

The syntax of the API request URL is the following.


In the above syntax of the URL you will have to replace”APIKey” and “email-address” parameters with your API key and target email address. After that, open the URL in the browser and you will immediately see the JSON response. You can see the email validation result in that.

Validator Pizza

validator pizza

Validator Pizza is an absolutely free API to verify an email address instantly. However, using it you can only verify up to 120 email addresses per hour. And there is nothing else limited on it. It can verify the email address by its format, looking up the MX records, and it also checks whether the email addresses belongs to a disposable email address services. It returns the JSON response that you can use to check the validation report. This is helpful if you want to inhibit users from registering via temporary email addresses or aliases on your website or application. It Also works through a simple URL that you can build easily.

Since Validator Pizza is free, so there is no prior registration is required. You can start using it as soon as you build the API request URL. The syntax of the API request is as follows.


In this URL just replace the end parameter which is “email” with the target email address you want to verify. After that you can see the JSON response that it returns.

Final Thoughts

Email validation is an important aspect if you are making an app or anything which requires users to sign up via their email address. And for that you will need some decent email verifier services. Thanks to all the email validation services and APIs I have mentioned in this article. They will help you verify an email address instantly and you will never deal with the spam. Personally, I like TruMail and Mailboxlayer to be the best free email validation APIs. Also, Validator Pizza is considerable as it can tell you if an email address is disposable email address.

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