10 Free Temporary Email Address Services To Receive Attachments

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This is the list of 10 free temporary email address services to receive attachments. These email services provide a temporary email address and inbox to receive emails. Unlike most of the other temporary email address services, these services let you receive those emails as well that have attachments. So, if you need a disposable email address to give to a service which will send email with attachment, you can use any of these services. Most of these services will show the attachments in the same format as they were sent, while some will show them as EML file. Most of these services do not require signup process and come with their own inbox.

If you don’t want to share your real email address with a person or a service from which you want to receive email attachments, then these 10 disposable email address services will help you. Do note that such temporary email addresses work for a very short period of time, but that is the whole point of such email services.

10 Free Disposable Email Address Services that Can Receive Attachments

We have also covered some email forwarding services which receive an email and redirect it your real mailbox.

10 Free Temporary Email Address Services to Receive Attachments:

Guerrilla Mail

guerrilla mail in action

Guerrilla Mail is one of the best free disposable email address service that can receive attachments. Not only it can receive an email with an attachment, but you can also send an email with an attachment with this service. The disposable email address that it provides live only for one hour and you can choose a domain name for your email address from the 9 available domain names. The web interface of Guerrilla Mail is very easy to use and understand. You can see the composed and received emails and attachments within them.

When you visit the website, a temporary email address will be assigned to you. You can give that email address to any service from which you want to receive an attachment. However, the email address will only live for one hour.

You can see all the received emails along with attachments in the Email section of the website. Click on any email and then the corresponding components will be displayed. You will also see the attachments in the emails which are in the original format. Click on the attachments to download to your PC.

Note: There is another free service called Shark Lasers which looks exactly like Guerrilla Mail. The interface and working of both the websites is same. The only difference is in the names of these two, so you can also use Shark Lasrers to do the same.


Yop-Mail in action 1

YOP-Mail is a another free temporary email address service that can receive attachments. And the attachments that you send to the Yop-Mail disposable address can be downloaded in the original format directly. It has a nice interface where it organizes the received emails. You can see email components like body, sender details, along with the attachments.

You can use this service for free and it allows you to forward the emails to your real address if you want. For that, you will have to verify your real email address. Additionally, you can compose an email to send, but you can only send it to Yop-Mail user only.

When you open its homepage, you will be asked to provide a name of the email address. After that, when you click on the Check inbox button, you will be redirected to your Yop-Mail mailbox. You can see that it organizes the received emails on the left side of its interface.

Click on any to view it and it open that. You can see the attachment and other stuff in the email. Click on the attachment file to download. Other options like delete emails, forward email to your real email are given on the toolbar of its web interface. See the above screenshot.


dispostable in action

Distpostable is a simple disposable email address service that can receive attachments. The website lets you create a free disposable email and you can view all the emails that it will receive right on its interface. The attachments are also included there, but it uses an EML file format to save those attachments. The disposable email that this website provides lives for 3 days after creation. The mailbox appears on its website itself and you can see all the emails along with the attachments there.

You don’t have to sign up or register on Dispostable in order to create a disposable email. Just specify the desired name on its website and enter your mailbox. Alternatively, you can also choose a random name to have on your disposable email address.

In the inbox of your mail, you can see the all the incoming emails. Also, if they have attachments in them, then you will see them. It saves the attachments as EML files and after downloading an EML file, you can open it using Microsoft Outlook or extract it.

Temp Mail

temp mail in action

Temp Mail is another disposable email address service that can receive attachments. The disposable email address that it provides lives as long as you keep the page of this website open. The received emails are organized in a list and you can view the attachments inside the emails. But, to download them you will have to download the entire email as an EML file. There is a download option available on the website to do this. The EML file downloaded from it can be opened with MS Outlook or any other free EML viewer and then attachments can be extracted from that.

The email address that it provides can be deleted on demand by using the delete button which is available on its website.

When you visit the homepage of Temp Mail, it will automatically create a disposable email address for you. Emails received on that mail will be displayed to you on its interface. And when you click on any one of them you will see the email body along with the attachments. You can click on the Download button to download the entire email as an EML file.


dropmail in action

Dropmail is a very good temporary email service that supports attachments. It allows you to use a maximum of 20 disposable email addresses to receive emails. It receives the attachments and shows them to you in their original form. You can directly download the attachments from the website to your PC. The disposable email address provided by this website remains active as long as its page remains open. You will keep receiving emails and it will show them all on its interface.

Creating a disposable email address on Dropmail doesn’t require any kind of registration or sign-up process. When you visit its website, it will automatically show you a random email address that you can use. On the bottom side of its interface, it organizes the inbox for the disposable email.

The received emails with attachments will appear there. And you can download the attachments directly on your PC after receiving them.

A very interesting feature of Dropmail is that you can choose to forward the received emails to your real email address. So it works as an email forwarding service as well.


getnada in action

Getnada is another free temporary email service which can receive attachments. This email service is also pretty simple to use to receive emails with attachments. The attachment file comes in the same format as it was sent to you. You can directly download the attachment on your PC by just clicking on it. Getnada doesn’t require any sign-up or registration process in order to get started.

When you visit its website, it will automatically assign a temporary email to you. After that, you can distribute that email to the people from whom you want to receive emails with attachments.

The emails that you will receive on your Getnada email address will be shown to you on its interface. To view a particular email just click on it and the corresponding components will be displayed to you including attachments.


crazymailing in action

Crazymailing provides a disposable email address for a very short amount of time. It lets you use a temporary email for 10 minutes. Additionally, you can extend this limit to 30 minutes by registering yourself on the website. The inbox for incoming emails is organized on its interface and you can see all the emails which the disposable email address will receive, along with the attachments. The attachments that it shows with the email are in their original format. You can directly download them on your PC and use them.

When you visit its main page using the above link, it will create a disposable email for you. And the countdown to 10 minutes starts after visiting the website. You can see the available time from its interface.

After receiving an email, you will see the detail like sender’s address, subject etc. And on the bottom side, you will see the attachment file. You can download it on your PC directly by clicking on it. You can see the below the screenshot.


nospam.ws in action

No-Spam.Ws website provides a disposable email for receiving email messages with attachments. The email that it provides remains for 31 days after creation. The inbox of No-Spam.Ws can store up to 30 emails. And after receiving 31st email, the first mail will be deleted and so on. The disposable email address that you create using this website can receive emails with attachments. And it stores the attachments in the original form as they were sent.

The process of using this service to receive emails is very easy. When you visit this website, you will see text box at the top left side of its interface. You can type a temporary name there to create an email address. If the entered email doesn’t exist, it will create a new inbox for you.

In the Inbox folder, you will see all the received emails. You can click on any of them to open it and view the contents inside. If there will be an attachment, then you will be able to download it by just clicking on it. See the above screenshot.

Inbox Bear

inboxbear in action

Inbox Bear is a very good temporary email address service which lets you create a disposable email address and you can receive emails with attachments on that. The service is pretty easy to use and the disposable email that it creates can live up to 30 days after its creation. The received attachments are in their original format and you can download them on your PC directly by clicking on them. And there is no registration or sign up process in order to use this service.

After visiting the homepage of the website, you will see the sign-up option there. You can get started by simply providing your name there. After that, it will redirect to your inbox where you can see the received mail with attachments.

In the inbox, it organizes the mail as a list. Open any mail and then you will see all the components there. The attachments are on the bottom side of the interface. You can start downloading it by clicking on it.

Forward Cat

forward cat in action

Forward Cat is actually an email forwarding service which does have its web interface to show you received emails. It does provide a temporary email address, but all the emails received on the temporary email will be redirected to your real email address. And the email that you will receive on your actual email will have the attachment. The attachment can be downloaded from your real mailbox to your PC in just a click.

The email address provided by this service remains active for 7 days. After that, when the address is about to be deleted, you will receive an email notification to extend the life of the email for 7 days more. But, after that, it will not remind you or ask you to extend it.

To get started with Forward Cat, you will have to create a temporary email from its home page. After that, you will have to provide the real email which it will use to forward the email received on the temporary email address.

The email that you will receive will have the attachment attached to it. You can download the attachment in the same way as you usually do. The attachment file remains in the same format in which it was sent to you.

Final Words

These are some awesome temporary email address services to receive attachments. All of these services that I have mentioned do what they say. And you can easily use them to receive emails on a disposable email address. Personally, I like Guerrilla Mail, Dropmail, Yop-Mail to be the best services to do the same.

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