Free API to Identify Disposable Emails in Sign up Forms

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Identibyte is a free API to identify disposable emails in sign up forms. It offers 250 checks per day. By making a simple API call, you can identify whether an email is from a free provider or a disposable mail. It just takes the whole email address or just the domain name in it. After analyzing the input, it gives you a JSON response. Also, if you want to use it for general purpose then there is a simple interface for it as well. You can sign up for a free account and then you start identifying disposable emails quickly. From the dashboard, you can track your daily usage as well.

There are lots of disposable email address sites that gives you a temporary inbox. Though, they are good at hiding the actual email of a user but they create problems for a service provider. After receiving a sign up requests via a temporary email address, you cannot re contact user after certain amount of time as that email address gets expired. So, to isolate those kind of users, you can use this free service. You just have to give it the domain or the full email id to identify whether it is disposable or free.

API to Identify Disposable Emails in Sign up Forms

Using this Free API to Identify Disposable Emails in Sign up Forms:

Identibyte is usable via its web interface as well via its API. You can opt to make the API call by simply sending the GET request from your signup form. Or, you can also use this from the command line via cURL to make API calls and get response.

To get started, simply create a free account on its homepage. After reaching your dashboard, you can use its web interface to identify disposable emails. On the dashboard, you can also see the emails that you have tested and usage graph.

Identibyte identify disposable mails

To use Identibyte API, you will have to create a free API token. So, create an API token and then copy it. Next, make the API call URL and then start using that to identify disposable email addresses quickly. Create the API request in as specified in the following syntax. You can paste the URL in the address bar of your browser and then see the JSON response.



Identibyte API call

Above, you can see the example of JSON response that it threw in my case. You can analyze whether a given email address is disposable by looking at the “disposable” and “free” parameters. You can use this API in this way to identify as many emails as you want. And you can even embed this API in your sign up forms as well as specified on its documentation page.

Final thoughts

If you get a lot of disposable emails in your sign up forms then you have to use a service like Identibyte. With this, you can easily identify which email addresses are from a valid email providers or are temporary ones. And you can use this API in the source code of your webpages or you can use the other ways to do the same. And if you need the code snippets then you can get them from the documentation page of the website.

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