How to Change PDF Colors according to Different types of Colorblindness

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This tutorial explains how to change PDF colors according to different types of Colorblindness. This is a simple self hosted tool that takes a PDF file from you and then changes its colors according to the different type of colorblindness. Here it produces a PDF file after daltonizing it with three major types of colorblindness disorders namely, Protanopia, Deuteranopia, and Tritanopia. You can opt to apply any color scheme to the input PDF file and get the final PDF. To use this tool, you just have to drag-drop a PDF file on its interface and it will do the rest.

This tool is really helpful for the people who often find it difficult to read some PDFs due to the fact that their color vision is not normal. And that is why they can’t see some picture in PDF clearly. In that case, this tool, For Hue is very useful. It just takes a PDF file and applies the color blindness filter to all colored components including images. And you can choose any color blindness type that it shows on its main interface.

Change PDF Colors according to Different types of Colorblindness

How to Change PDF Colors according to Different types of Colorblindness?

For Hue is an open source tool that you can even host on your end. Its user interface is so simple, however it takes a few seconds to process a PDF file. And it also depends on the number of colorful pages. Once done, you can download the file and then read it, distribute it or do whatever you want.

Go to the homepage of For Hue and then upload the PDF file on its interface. Next, choose the type of color blindness according to which you want to change the inner PDF colors. After you have uploaded the PDF file, it will start processing that.

For Hue interface

Once it has finished processing the PDF file, the download button will become active and you can simply download it. After that, you can use this tool for converting other PDF files as well. You can see the screenshot in the beginning to analyze the output of this tool.

For Hue processing

In this way, you can use this free tool, For Hue to change PDF colors according to different types of colorblindness. However, do note that, the above link that I have mentioned above, is a Heroku page. And it is not guaranteed that it will be available forever. So, if its Heroku page goes down, then you can run it locally. There are just two commands for it that you have to run. And those commands are mentioned on its GitHub page.

Final thoughts

For Hue is an outstanding tool to make PDF readable to color blind people. If you are a colorblind person and often find difficult to read colorful PDFs, then you can correct their color. And the tool above, For Hue lets you do that. And I really liked the fact that it has included options for all three type of color blindness to correct the PDF color. So, if you are looking for some free tool to make a PDF readable to a colorblind person, then you can try For Hue. And this post will help you.

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