Free Twitter Tool to Track Followers Count: Black Magic

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In this article, you will read about a free twitter tool that helps you in keeping track of the followers count, Black Magic.

Black Magic is a free online tool that helps in keeping the track on the followers count on your twitter profile. This unique tool functions like an add-on to the twitter profile, it shows the progress of your twitter followers against the set target of the followers count around your profile picture.

This tool is unique as well as really simple to use. It can show your progress of the twitter follower you want to achieve and keep a constant track of the same in real time. If you want to increase your presence in the twitter space, this tool can help you to constantly drive yourself to push more for the achieving the target.

Free Twitter Tool to Track Followers Count: Black Magic

Black magic is an online tool that provides a visual progress report of your followers count against your target around your profile picture. As aesthetically satisfying it looks, it works in real time basis, so you can keep a track of your followers strength in real time basis.

All you have to do is sign up with Twitter account to use this tool. You can visit here to start with the process of adding this tool in your twitter profile. Make sure that you read the terms which will be accessed while the tool uses your twitter account.

Read Terms

Once satisfied, you can proceed with defining the target of the followers count you want to reach to. The options can be selected from next 10 followers up to 10k followers, or you can set it to read from bio. The option of choosing is the drop down menu given on the top right of the profile picture in the webpage of this tool.

Set target

All the customization of the tool is done on the webpage of the tool first, before the profile is updated with the changes.

The graph of the percentage showing around the profile is also color customizable. You can choose the color of the background as well as the circular bar showing the percentage fulfilled in the target.

If you want to see how the percentage will change, you can drag the slider given in the bottom of the profile picture to stimulate the percentage bar around the profile picture.


Customize Background

Moreover, you can also choose the background of the tweets as well, whether the page will be shown in the dark mode, light mode, or dim mode.

Start Real Time Update

Once you are satisfied with all the customization, you can click on the “Start Real-time update” to ensure that all the updates about the decrease or increase in followers count will reflect on the percentage bar around the twitter profile picture.

In brief

Black Magic is a tool that tells you how much of the followers strength you currently have, based on your target of the followers to be achieved on Twitter.

Try this Twitter tool here.

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