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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a free online relationship manager service where you can connect your Twitter account and your business website after which is gonna search for new social network relationships that you can establish in order to increase the number of clients, website visitors and eventually the amount of business that your enterprise gets.

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To reach the control panel which you can see on the image above you’re first gonna have to register and select the plan that you want to use. Next to the free plan there are also paid plans and the difference between them would be that paid plans allow you to connect more Twitter accounts, as well as the fact that they scan and present you with a lot more potential relationships which are found based on the keywords that you’ve entered alongside your website and Twitter account during registration.

How to increase business and build relationships with is basically a Twitter interest search engine which is gonna combine the information that you provide, your Twitter account, website and keywords or “items” as they are called in, in order to search Twitter for as many people as possible that have showed the slightest interest in the keywords that you’ve decided to monitor.

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Notice in the left sidebar that you have an option for Managing Monitored Items. One of the drawbacks of the free account would be that you can only have two items, which are basically keywords that are gonna be searched while you are looking for new relationships on Twitter. In the middle column you are presented with new possible engagements. We’ve decided to add the “freeware” keyword or should I say item, and as you can see searched and found people, companies and associations which mentioned the word “freeware”. It doesn’t matter where, it could have been a Tweet or it could have been in a comment somewhere, but the main thing is that it was found, and this new Twitter relationship could be your next big client.

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By clicking on a found profile, it’s gonna open in the far right column where you’ll be able to see where exactly they mentioned the targeted keyword, and you can of course start following them, mention them somewhere, and if they start following you, messaging also becomes an option. In either case, if there’s a website mentioned somewhere in their profile, like it is the case with the profile on the image above, you can contact them there and inquire about work or maybe partnership.

Conclusion is a very useful service which all those who are interested in finding new business connections and relationships should use. Practically everyone these days is using Twitter, and everyone is sharing their interests in tweets or comments. will scan those interests and look for any mention of the keywords that you’ve entered and then it’s gonna display you with lists of possible relationships. The free account is more than enough for a test drive, and if you’re not very demanding, you can stay with the free account, it will never expire.

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