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Add-on Builder is a free software for developing, building and testing Mozilla Firefox extensions, using the common web development technologies. The browsers become more useful when they are capable of being embedded with add-ons for specific purposes. This Firefox add-on builder makes the browsers give the user, an experience that is more than just surfing the web. All this can be done only with the help of plugins and add-ons. Add-on builder is an essential tool for the web developers who are interested in enhancing Mozilla Firefox using the add-ons.

This Firefox plugin creator not only make extend the browser’s functionality, but also make the browser more resourceful and appealing to a larger audience, thereby making it much more popular.

Add-on builder has a number of features and options that make it possible for the developer to use the add-on SDK to develop really cool browser widgets. The user can also choose to work offline using the Add-on Builder SDK.

The user has to login to the Mozilla add-ons account which will prompt the user to install an Add-on Builder helper package. This package integrates the Add-on builder with the web browser. The user can test the builder with the help of a sample code and now the Add-on builder is connected with the browser to develop and test the widgets.

Add-On Builder

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Some features of this free Add-on Builder are:

  • Checkpoints: The user can set checkpoints throughout the development process. Just in case of any undesirable event occurring during the process of development, the add-on can be rolled back to the previous check point.
  • Error Correction: Add-on builder has a very simple solution for error correction. The errors made are continuously logged in the Error Console of the Firefox browser and the user can always use this log to lookup for any errors that occurred during executions.
  • Versioning: When the widgets are made, it would be good if they are designed in such a way that they can accommodate any changes in the future. This is done with the help of versioning of the build releases. The latest snapshot of an add-on is saved as a revision and the user can move back to any of the older versions using the Revisions button.
  • Browse and Discover: Further the user can checkout the core library documentation and browse library files. Even the widgets made by other people are hosted on the Widgets Gallery, which can be downloaded and used on the browser as a reference or as an addition to the browser.

All these features make Add-on Builder, an efficient tool to build add-ons for the popular browser, Mozilla Firefox.

Try Add-on Builder and start creating Firefox plugins free.

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