5 Flashcard Extensions For Google Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 Google Chrome flashcard extensions which you can use to learn new languages or to test your knowledge before that big test at the school. With flashcards you can learn more easily because it’s much more effective to learn stuff by being questioned than it is by reading large amounts of text. When using flashcards there’s a certain degree of interactivity.

We’re focused more which means that our brain soaks in more information than it would when you’re reading and in all probability just memorizing without understanding the subject matter.

QuizCards Spanish

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We’re gonna start things off with language learning flashcard extension called QuizCards. We listed the Spanish version here, but there’s also a German one available in the Google Store.

After installing the extension, its icon is gonna be added to the usual place in the top right corner. Left click on it and flashcards are gonna appear right away. You’ll be asked to translate words. To keep track of progress the extension also has detailed stats for you to check and see how you’re doing.

Get QuizCards Spanish.

Cabra Flashcards

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Cabra Flashcard is actually an app that lets you create your own flashcards. It opens up in a new tab as an editor where you can start creating your flashcards.

If you’re lazy and you don’t want to create flashcards of your own, you can search and access a database of flashcards that other users have created. There’s thousands to choose from covering practically every subject known to man.

Get Cabra Flashcards.


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This flashcard extension is called Flashcards, nothing more, nothing less. It doesn’t have its own database of flashcards that you can use, but it does come with a very simple to use editor that lets you easily create custom flashcards.

Flashcards is actually an app. To add new flashcards to the mix just click on the Options link in the top right corner of its interface, see image above. It takes just two steps to create a flashcard. Once its created, it’ll be added to the list from where you can run the flashcard.

Get Flashcards.

German Flashcards

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When talking about QuizCards we mentioned that there’s a version with the German language, but here’s another language learning flashcard extension for German called German Flashcards.

You’re taken to the flashcards right away after running the app. You’ll be asked to practice word understanding, grammer, etc. There’s a score that helps you keep track of progress.

Get German Flashcards.

Exam Flashcard

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The last set of flashcards that we’re gonna be talking about are the exam flashcards.

These are actually vocabulary exam flashcards that let you expand your vocabulary for standardized tests like the SATs. All the words are spread out in front of you. You just need to go over each of them, guess what they mean and when you’ve guessed, click on the magnifying glass to reveal the actual meaning of the word.

Get Exam Flashcard.


Cabra Flashcards is a great place to start if you’re looking for a flashcard extension because it has a large database of pre-made flashcard by other users. If you have any suggestions leave them in the comment section down below.

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