5 Typing Tutor Extensions For Google Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 Google Chrome typing tutor extensions which you can use to learn to type fast. Knowing how to type fast can increase your productivity. If you spend less time looking for keys on the keyboard when typing, you’ll have more of it to do other things that you want to do. Fast typing is also something that’s good to have on a resume if you’re looking for a job.

The extensions I have listed here can help you learn how to type fast by doing various typing exercises. Let’s start.


typing tutor extensions chrome

TypingClub is an app that’s great for people who are just starting their typing adventures.

With this extension, you’ll start off by learning how to find each individual key on the keyboard. You’ll have to thoroughly practice how to find sets of two keys at a time starting with F and J first. They will alternate on the screen and you have to hit the right key as fast as you can and as accurately as you can, without looking at the keyboard, of course.

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Typing Game

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If you would like to learn how to type fast while at the same time have fun by playing games, then Typing Game app is the thing you need.

In Typing Game you have to defend a city from incoming alien invaders by quickly finding keys on your keyboard and destroying them. Each invader will have a different keyboard key attached to them. At first they come down one by one, but then later on you’ll get more and more of them at once forcing you to find more keys at once and type faster.

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Simple Typing Tutor

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Simple Typing Tutor works the same way that TypingClub app does; only it’s simpler. For example it doesn’t have fancy pop-up effects telling you what needs to be done during exercises.

It even starts to train you with the same keys, F and J. Notice that first strip of F and J letters above the keyboard? That’s the pattern that you have to keep track of without missing the key and hitting the wrong ones.

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Typing Tutor

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Typing Tutor isn’t so much an interactive typing tutor app or an extension as it is a text resource where you can find out about proper techniques for typing.

Some of the lessons that are included have titles like “How to position my fingers”, etc. Typing tests are also available where you can test the speed and accuracy of your typing.

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Typing Test – KeyHero

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Once that you’ve gone over all the exercises listed above, it’s good to take a typing test.

Typing Test – KeyHero will ask you to type out a paragraph of text and it will then measure how many words per minute you typed. By setting up an account on the website you can even get detailed statistics saved and showed in the form of diagrams, charts, etc.

Get Typing Test – KeyHero.


We suggest that you start with the TypingClub app, but any of these typing tutor extensions are useful and can help you learn how to type faster. Share with us your opinions in the comments down below.

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