3 Free AutoCAD Viewer For Windows

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Here, is a list of 3 free AutoCAD Viewer for Windows PC.

CAD, an acronym for Computer-Aided Design or Computer-Aided Drafting, refers to the way of drawing or drafting complex designs using computer based components. AutoCAD is a CAD software which makes it easy and convenient for designers, architects, and engineers, to draft or design complex 2D or 3D models for their projects. We have previously covered a bunch of free replacements for not-so-cheap AutoCAD software, and some CAD-file Viewer applications. Today we have brought some more AutoCAD Viewers which lets you view CAD files saved in different formats, including .DWG, .DXF, and .DWF. These free AutoCAD Viewer applications allows you to view AutoCAD files, if you don’t have AutoCAD or any other CAD-supported software installed on your system.

Lets, have a look on these free AutoCAD Viewer applications, one by one.

Mini CAD Viewer:

minicad viewer free AutoCAD viewer

Mini CAD Viewer is a free AutoCAD Viewer to open and view AutoCAD files. It’s a handy and lightweight tool which allow users to easily open files saved in different CAD formats. The size of the file is just 10 MB, which makes it very light, and responsive at the same time. The supported file formats include .DWG and .DXF files. It also facilitates converting drawing files into image files and save them to .BMP or  .JPEG format. It provides a minimalistic interface, with a built-in file browser, to easily browse AutoCAD files present on your system. When you select a  particular folder, Mini CAD viewer displays the files present in the folder as thumbnails in a separate panel. You can easily select the desired AutoCAD file from there.

This free AutoCAD Viewer provides a Zoom option to more precisely analyze any part of the file, or you can even switch the application to full screen mode. Mini CAD Viewer is a nice AutoCAD Viewer which you can use to open and view AutoCAD files, if you don’t have any CAD software installed on your system.

Full Review: Click here to read full review.

Works With: Windows

Price: Free

Download: Click here to download Mini CAD Viewer.

DWGSee Plus Viewer:

DWGSee Plus interface

DWGSee Plus Viewer is a free software that allows you to view AutoCad files, without the need of installing heavy AutoCAD or any other CAD-supported software. It’s a simple and lightweight program; just 6.7 MB in size. It supports viewing files in .DWG and .DXF formats. It provides a simple, Office 2007-style interface, which makes it more user-friendly. It’s a multi-window viewer, which allows you to view different AutoCAD files at the same time. You can split the currently-opened files horizontally or vertically, or even rotate the viewpoint of files. This free AutoCAD Viewer also has a built-in Folder Explorer which lets you easily browse AutoCAD files on your system. It provides a thumbnail preview (if available), of all AutoCAD files in the selected folder, which helps you in easily locating and opening the desired file. Moreover, you can Zoom In files, to have a more clear view of the drawing.

DWGSee Plus Viewer allows you to convert the format of AutoCAD files  and save them in different versions of DWG and DXF file formats (including AutoCAD versions and binary versions). Apart from that, it also lets you print the files through its own Print wizard.

Works With: Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

Price: Free

Download: Click here to download DWGSee Plus Viewer.

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AutoCAD Drawing Viewer:

autocad drawing viewer interface

AutoCAD Drawing Viewer is a free AutoCAD Viewer for viewing AutoCAD Drawing files. It’s an easy to use software which lets you open and view AutoCAD files saved on your system. It supports .DWG and .DXF file formats. AutoCAD Drawing Viewer provides some more features rather than just opening the file. These features include displaying drawing information, view attribute values, view text values, find and replace attribute values, find and replace text values, turn on and turn off image layers, view layer information, set layer color, print drawings, copy drawings to clipboard, and much more!

This free AutoCAD Viewer even allows you to save drawing files as .BMP file. It’s a powerful AutoCAD Viewer program, which is available free of cost.

Works With: Windows

Price: Free

Download: Click here to download AutoCAD Drawing Viewer.

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