Cloud Music Player Android app to Play Songs from S3, B2, Mega, FTP

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Astiga is a free cloud music player Android app to play songs from S3, B2, Mega, FTP, and many other cloud storage services. Here you can connect all your storage services and then fetch songs stored from them in the music player. There is a web version of this service and an official app for Android. You will have to configure the cloud services on its web interface and then listen to the songs in the app. Also, there is a premium version of this app as well that you will like. The music player is simple but has all the music controls that you need to enjoy music, including gapless playback.

If you are low on storage then you keep your songs collection on cloud and use some cloud Android players to listen to them. In the past we have covered some Google Drive music player and Dropbox players but here I will mention Astiga which supports a long list of cloud services. You just have to configure the storage services and then you can easily access songs from it. Even if you store your songs on FTP then you can connect an FTP disk here and import your song library. In the Android app, you can either play songs from specific storage or opt to list songs from all the configured storage services with ease.

Cloud Music Player Android app to Play Songs from S3, B2, Mega, FTP

Astiga is an app as well as a music streaming service. Here you can use it by creating a free account on its main website. After that, you can sign into the main interface and then start configuring the cloud storage services where you store songs. In my case, I have configured S3, Dropbox, and B2 cloud storage. To do that, you just need to provide the correct access token or keys with proper bucket name and id.

Astiga Web App

Now, you can download and install the Astiga Android app from here. Just open the app and sign in with your account. In the library, you will see different storage service listed. See the screenshot below for the listed services that it shows my case.

Astiga Login and List Storage

After selecting any storage, the corresponding list of tracks will appear. You can just play any song from the list with ease. When you play a song, it buffers that for few seconds and then starts playing it. The media player supports all the needed playback options and you can hide the main player interface.

Astiga in action

In the app settings, you can opt for some other options for the music player such as gapless playback. There are some other options that you can enable and do whatever you like.

Astiga Playback Settings

This is all about this simple and powerful music layer app for Android. If you are looking for the best free cloud music player then this is the app you need. However, it didn’t work for me with the S3 storage but I think this problem will be fixed soon.

Closing thoughts

Astiga is a very nice cloud music player app for Android that you can use. If you keep your MP3 collection online on cloud services like Google Drive then you will like it. Just get this app and then you are simply done. Also, you can use the online version on the desktop if you want to. It is simple as that.

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