Windows 8 Physics Game App Free: Wok ’em All Line

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Wok ‘em All Line, is a free Windows 8 Physics game app. The game play of this fun Windows 8 game app is you have to catch all the falling food and ingredients using the two big bowls. You’ll get a life meter for the game. The game is played in waves, in each wave you’ll get foods falling towards you from different corners of the screen. All you have to do is catch these foods in the two bowls and not allowing them to hit you. Catching all the ingredients successfully in the bowls awards you with points, and missing them reduces your life meter. If you managed to catch enough food in the bowls and survive through a wave then you’ll move to another wave, with same reading in the life meter. So, the game is more of a defensive surviving game, where you have to survive the longest by catching all falling food and some special powers that you can use to catch more foods or raise the reading of life meter up.

Wok ‘em All Line - gameplay

Gameplay of this Windows 8 physics game app:

Playing this little Windows 8 physics game app was fun and interesting. The game has very simple but really nice graphics. Everything in the game is designed as a sketch. You’ll play as a cute little chef, who’s carrying two big bowls, one in each of his hands.

Without any second thoughts this Windows 8 physics game has a really good gameplay. It’s quite refreshing and entertaining. The game is all based on simple physics rules. You are like a magnet which attracts all the falling foods. During the gameplay the foods fall from every corner-every side of the screen, and that too with a pretty good speed. And in order to protect you from getting hit, you’ll get two bowls. Not only these bowls protect you from the food, but for every good catch, the game awards you with points, that gets added up with the previous points that you scored by catching foods.

Wok ‘em All Line - skillfull gameplay with power

Like I said above, you’ll also get a life meter; that shows your life reading. If it totally drops down rock bottom, then the game ends the very moment. So, try your best to catch the foods. The game does test your eye and hands coordination. You have to have a sharp eye to track down every falling food. And to make the game more difficult, the food don’t just simply fall vertically, some of them falls in a circular motions, making a complete circle around you and slowly approaching towards you. So it’s your duty to guess the right projectile of the food. Sounds a bit difficult? However in order to help you the game also provides you with some special powers falling in the same manner. Catch them and use them the right way.

Wok ‘em All Line - achivements

Your position in the game will be static. All you can do is move your hands by moving the mouse cursor, to catch the foods. The chef’s hands automatically follows mouse cursor movements. And in order to use the powers you have, you simply click on desired power from the list of caught powers available in the screen. Survive wave after wave and get to your best highest score.

Key features of this Windows 8 physics game app:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 physics game app.
  • Survive the longest wave after wave.
  • Catch the falling foods and powers.
  • Simple and easy controls.
  • Good game play.

Final Note:

Wok ‘em All Line, certainly is a good Windows 8 physics game app. It works well without any issues. Moreover, it has a really good game play, game control and action sync, good music, and good concept. It’s definitely is fun and refreshing. Download this Windows 8 physics game app from Games Category in Windows Store or get it here.

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Works With: Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Free/Paid: Free

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