Wallace & Gromit Online Brain Puzzle Game for Chrome: Sprocket Rocket

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Sprocket Rocket is a online brain puzzle game that lets you fly through rooms and help Wallace & Gromit collect cogs to fix their ship and reach moon. It is an exciting physics-based game for which you need skills to overcome the obstacles on the way. The amazing sound effects played during the game helps to de-stress you brain while solving the puzzle, so that you can enjoy the game thoroughly. Sprocket Rocket is available for free on Google Chrome.

To play this brain puzzle game “Sprocket Rocket”, you just have to click on the link that we have provided to you at the end of this article. Then you just have to launch this game by clicking on “Add To Chrome”. As soon as you launch this game you can play this brain puzzle game by clicking on the embedded Sprocket Rocket icon.

Let’s Play This Brain Puzzle Game:

When you click on the Sprocket Rocket icon, it takes a few seconds to redirect you to the game page. Before you begin to play this brain puzzle game, it asks you to make logo.

Sprocket Rocket 1

It offers you default designs as well as customized logo options so that you can enter the name of your company and create your own logo. When you are done with it, you can click on play game. As soon as you do that it registers your logo and tests your computer to begin with the game.

Sprocket Rocket 2

Sprocket Rocket appears in-front of you and you can commence the game just by collecting the red colored cogs. As you fly through the rooms, collecting cogs may become difficult because of the obstacles. You can opt to retry if you wish to enter that room again.

Sprocket Rocket 3 modify

When it gets difficult to solve and collect cogs you need to re-invent and modify your ship in such a way so that you can overcome the obstacles. This can be done using the Edit option. It allows you to attach tools of any design so that it enables you to remove or drag the obstacles and move forward. If gone wrong with the design you can either opt to delete point of start over. Once your design is done you can click on done and move forward to overcome the obstacles.

Sprocket Rocket 4 draw

As your Sprocket Rocket is moving further to collect the cogs, it shows a certain type of warning alerts regarding the surface of the path or to modify the design of your ship accordingly.

Sprocket Rocket 5 warnings

While flying into the rooms, if you wish to view the number of rooms remaining you can simply hover your mouse either on Map or press “M”. This will show you details of the rooms that you have covered while collecting the cogs. You can begin your game from the beginning just by clicking over Wipe progress, as that erases all your achievements of the cogs and helps you to give a fresh start.

Sprocket Rocket 6 map

Once you have collected all the cogs, you are able to fix the ship and get ready to fly to the moon. Thus your rocket launches.

Sprocket Rocket 7 launch

Controls of This Brain Puzzle Game Sprocket Rocket:

Lets check out the controls of this brain puzzle game Sprocket Rocket:

Sprocket Rocket controls

  • Use arrow keys to fly the ship
  • Edit your ship with [E]
  • Detach tool using [space bar]
  • View map using [M]
  • Retry the attempt using [R]

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My Verdict For Sprocket Rocket:

Sprocket Rocket is fun to play as it uses all your engineering and visualization skills and trains your brain well. The music and the sound effects are amazing, you get carried away by this brain puzzle game. It enables you to keep on creating ideas to overcome the obstacles and collect cogs to fix ship and fly to the moon.

Just one word for this Wallace & Gromit’s Sprocket Rocket barin puzzle game is “ADDICTIVE”.

Get Sprocket Rocket here and enjoy!

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