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For those looking for a free text editor that is easy to use, is able to perform a variety of functions and has all the bells and whistles required for excellent writing, then check out the free text editor – Texter. Texter is a free text editor that is both lightweight and attractive.This joins our list of free notepad alternatives.

Texter is simple to use and the various functions available; allow the user to produce some quality written material. This free text editor is ideal for the not-so-skilled computer users among us. All menu functions are simple to use and if one was to get in trouble, use the help option.


Texter has the following extras and options that make typing a pleasure:

  • One can encrypt text file by simply accessing the file menu.
  • A zoom in and out function can be performed from within the view menu.
  • Switching from lower-case to upper-case along with copying the file name and path to the clipboard can all be executed from within the edit menu.
  • The insert menu allows the operator to search through hundreds of clipart, symbols; images and text from an external source, without complication. One can also have the date inserted in various formats.
  • For color and font changes, a long with adding bullets etc, a click on the format menu allows the operator to create a unique document.
  • From the tools menu, one is able to preview the text in the browser using a XML file or simply open the document browser.
  • For those that wish activate some of the many program options, accessing these options is done through the tools menu. If the need ever arises to start or stop the URL auto-detection option, the auto- save option or perhaps to customize the tool bar, click on the program options in the tool menu.
  • Finally, any and all shortcut key options are able to be viewed or activated from the above program options.

The Texter free text editor, is compatible will all newer versions of Windows and is able to recognize various types of text files, including files with the pretext *.rtf. For more advanced options, you can try Notepad++, or text editor with tabs.

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