Free Text Editor with Tabs: Caderno

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Caderno is a free notepad replacement/ free Text editor that delivers a great experience while being minimalistic. This program also features crash recovery, search/find/replace, Unicode support Syntax highlighting and other features.  Other features will include Firefox style search/replace Go-to-line bars and tabs for example. This is a great text editor that can be used without having to become a tech geek. This is a clean and easy to use interface for text editing that anyone can use. This program can be supported through all Windows versions and is easy to install and to use.

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Caderno Notepad also gives you session management, crash recovery and Unicode support among all the other features that have been listed above. If you want a free tabbed text editor that is plain and simple, then Caderno is the one for you. This is a free software program that really gives you a lot for being a free program. This program is simple and easy to understand. It doesn’t require you to think like Einstein to figure it out. This program is straightforward and easy to use and work with. With compatibility to all versions of Windows, this means it can be used on many different Windows platforms.

Installation is easy and simple. Simply go to the download link, click download and then after the download is finished, then double-click the icon so that you can install the program to your hard drive. After installation, the Caderno text editor is easy to open and work with. Simply open the program and choose the function that you want. This will get you started on text editing very quickly. The download is quick and easy and only takes about a minute or two depending on your download speed. This is a great text editing free program.

Features of Caderno Free Text Editor

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Go-to-line bars,
  • Session management
  • Crash Recovery
  • Tabs
  • Firefox Style search and replace
  • Unicode Support

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Free/Paid: Free

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