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Enginuity is a free social search engine which offers a mix of standard web search and social network popularity comparison in order to find results which are popular not just on search engines, but also on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Next to each result you’re gonna see a “social commentary” bar where for the most part you’ll be able to see how many times content from that particular website was shared on social networks.

The reason why we said that for the most part you’ll be able to see how many shares a website had is because not every website is popular enough or old enough to be indexed by Enginuity’s web crawlers. Weird thing about this free social search engine is that you have to create an account in order to use it, which is not something that you normally have to do with search engines.

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Once you’ve created an account you’ll be able to access the search engine. It works just like any other search engine, type in the search term, click Search and you’ll be presented with a list of results. When you see the results, then you’ll start noticing the difference.

Key features of Enginuity are:

  • Free and simple to use: quickly search both the web and social networks
  • Combines standard web search with social networking popularity checks
  • Presents you with a list of social network shares for a website
  • Rating: gives out graphical ratings on social popularity of a website

Paid Enginuity accounts are also available, next to free ones. Upgrade gives you more functionality. With premium accounts you can also search images, videos, news, reviews and viral content or in other words content that’s currently popular. Paid accounts also have access to a more detailed analysis of the the social popularity.

Some other specialized search engines we covered earlier include: Dogpile, WolframAlpha, and Search.Stagram.

How to search the web with Enginuity: free social search engine

First steps have already been covered. Open up the website, create an account, login, if you’re not logged in automatically and you’ll be able to see the search engine. Type in the search term that you’re interested in and hit Enter.

Enginuity search results

Notice that the search results have additional info bar in the bottom right corner. Popular websites will have the number of shares and the overall popularity posted. Popularity is showed using very simplistic graphics. Websites that aren’t popular either because they are of poor quality or because they are new will of course be non-existing or very low popularity. Share buttons which are available under every result allow you to easily share the search result in question to social network without even opening it up.

In addition, if you mouse over any result, you will be able to see a preview of the website, without a need to go to the website.


Enginuity has a very interesting ways of search the web. Social networks are inevitably becoming a very important part of everybody’s lives and it makes sense that social networks should play a larger part in determining the rankings of websites in search results. This free social search engine is still a bit rough around the edges and it will take some time getting used to how it works and what kind of results it give. Try it and tell us what you think.

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