Online Money Management Platform To Record Your Expenses: Whallet

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Whallet is a completely free online money management platform where you can record all your expenses and incomes to track your money related movements. The website saves all your movements and lists your expenditures in  the current month, last month, last three months, and beginning of the year. A pie chart is also created showing how much money was spent and on what. You just have to add all your incomes and expenses and the calculations are done by the website itself. To begin, you have to go through a simple one step registration process and start using it.

This online money management platform works as a ledger for you where you can save your income and expenditure. You can also add notes to your  movements to remember correctly when and where the money was spent or earned. The website is very simple to use and everything is properly divided into different sections.

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How To Use This Online Money Management Website?

Whallet is a very simple to understand website. When you log in to your account, you will see two buttons in the top right corner. One is to add all the incomes and the other one is to add all your expenses. Click the incomes button and add your income. When you are adding your income, make sure that the date is exactly what you want it to be. The website by default displays the current date. The option to add notes helps in remembering better so use it if you want. Once you are done click the save button. The currency used by the website is Euro, so keep that in mind while you are entering the amount.

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The next step is to add expenses. For that you will have to click the green button and similar window will open where you can feed all your expenses. Its after you have added the expenses that all the statistics will be generated. This can be done on the daily basis and your stats will be updated automatically.

Movements Recorded And Statistics Generated By Whallet

Now that you know about the functioning of this online money management platform, let us move forward. Lot of stats are generated and movements are recorded after you have added the income and expenses.

First of all, a monthly balance sheet is shown in your account that shows your total income, expenses, and total balance. The balance sheet is updated automatically every time you add an income or a expense. The balance sheet is renewed as soon as the month ends.

Whallet-online money management-balance mensual

The next in line is the Last 10 expenses window. As the name suggests, you can see your last 10 expenses recorded with the website. The window also shows the notes you have added along with the expenses, if any.

This online money management platform  provides you with some statistics based on your income and expenses. It shows you your expenditure amount in the current month, in the last  month, the difference between your expenditure in the current month & last month, and your daily average expense. It also shows a pie chart of what percentage of your expenditure was made where.

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All these statistics are saved in your account and prove to be very beneficial.

Final Verdict

Whallet seems to be a very simple and good looking website. It surely is a very good option of online money management. But, while testing I found that a couple of things could still be worked upon. The pie chart did not function properly and failed to generate correct results. Secondly, I felt that using only one currency can sometimes push away users. Users should be given the liberty to choose their own currency. Other than these two things, the website is quite good.

Try Whallet here!

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