SQL Complete Express: Intelligent AutoComplete for SQL Server

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dbForge SQL Complete Express is a free add-in for SQL Server Management Studio that provides automatic T-SQL code completion, context sensitive suggestions, and advanced formatting features for T-SQL. SQL Complete Express greatly reduces coding time by intelligently providing suggestions for code completion based on context of what you are typing, and automatically formatting code. If you are used to the smart code completion and formatting features of Microsoft Visual Studio, you can enjoy similar features in SQL Server Management Studio also with dbForge SQL Complete Express.

Unlike other code completion software that just provide suggestions based on the word that you are typing in T-SQL, dbForge SQL Complete Express analyzes that word in the context of what you have already typed, and then smartly gives you relevant suggestions, which you are more likely to accept.

dbForge SQL Complete Express supports SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2005, and SQL Server 2000 editions.

SQL Complete Express

Here are some of the features of this free T-SQL Auto Complete Software:

List Members of Database Objects: When you type name of some database object, SQL Complete Express lists all its members. Even if you type name of a user-defined function or procedures, SQL Complete Express  shows all its input and output parameters. It can also list members of Database schema, Table, View, user, and more.

Smart Filtering to Suggest Relative Keywords: This is one of the best feature of SQL Complete Express. When you type, SQL Complete Express shows suggested keywords and object names based on intelligent analysis of what you are typing. It filters suggestions based on first typed symbols, whitespace, camel case, and square bracket, and ensures that it gives you most relevant suggestions. Even the sorting of suggestions is done in a context sensitive manner.


SQL Formatting: SQL Complete Express comes with customizable SQL formatting, so that you can quickly format your T-SQL code.


Determining Database Context: SQL Complete Express smartly determines database or schema for which you are writing the query, and then shows keyword suggestions for that. It searches for “USE” statements in the code, and then automatically shows keyword suggestions for that.

The paid version of dbForge SQL Complete provides even more features, including automatic expansion of “*” to show all columns of a table, and even advanced context sensitive suggestions.

If you use SQL Server Management Studio, then dbForge SQL Complete Express is a must to have add-in. It will greatly improve your productivity of writing T-SQL queries.

Download dbForge SQL Complete Express free. This tool comes from the makers of Oracle data compare tool, and Code Comparison tool.

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