iPhone Speak it: Read Out Content Of Gmail, Facebook, Twitter

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Speak it is a free iPhone app to read out the content of Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter aloud. This iPhone Speak it app lets you speak out the content which you receive in your email, latest posts on Facebook, and latest Tweets on Twitter.

This iPhone Speak it app is a simple app that needs one-time Facebook and Twitter login. Gmail part of the app is locked in this free version. You can only make the speak out the latest post on Facebook and Tweets from Twitter in Free version.

Speak it

Apart from this, you can also enter any text to make the app speak out the text which you have entered. In short, this iPhone Speak it app lets you make your iPhone speak any text which you want.

The app is really useful when you are driving or you are not in a mood to read out the text in email, the latest post on Facebook, or the Tweets on Twitter. Also, if you are busy doing some office work on your laptop or PC and you want to know the latest social network updates, then this app will speak out and let you know the same. In case of social networks, you just have to tap on the refresh button and you will hear all the latest tweets and Facebook posts one by one.

One of the missing pieces in this app is that it cannot speak out SMS or name of caller, like ReadItToMe for Android does.

Speak it app also lets you improve your pronunciation by reading out the text which you enter. Just listen to the correct pronunciation of each word and use the same in your daily life.

Speak it app has a simple interface with the simple adjustments of number of items to speak and of course the speech which you can easily understand. The speech rate is set as default at 100%. If you require any change in the speech rate, then head to the settings menu of the app and adjust the speech rate.

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How To Get Started And Use iPhone Speak it App?

Launch the app and head to the settings menu of the app. Now login with your Facebook account and tap on red button to make it as green. Red button shows that the particular account is deactivated and the app will not read out the latest post or tweets. Now, login with your Twitter account and tap on the red button to make it as green. Now, start listening to the post on Facebook and latest Tweets on Twitter. If you want to make the read any text, then you can enter or copy/paste the text and let the app read the entered text with ease on your iPhone.

Note: Gmail part of this free version is locked. You cannot login your Gmail and let the app read the email content on your iPhone.

Features Of Speak it App:

  • Make your iPhone read out content from Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter.
    Speak it app
  • Lets you enter the text and speaks up the entered text aloud.
  • Adjust the number of items to speak.
  • Adjust the speech rate.
  • Enable/disable any account with a single tap.
  • One time account login.
  • Play/pause or next/previous buttons.
  • Simple and easy to use app.

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Install iPhone Speak it App:

Click here to download and install Speak it app from Apple App Store. The other way to download the app is by scanning the QR Code below.

Speak it QR Code

iPhone Speak it app makes your work easier and keeps you up to date with all your new email, Facebook post, and Twitter Tweets. You can now save your time by checking the updates manually, as you can hear them all while you are driving.

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Works With: iOS 4.3 or later
Free/Paid: Free

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